McLaren GT3 V2 broken wheel. Any recourse?

A few weeks ago my wheel broke at the red circle. I'm basically happy with the wheel (and couldn't find a link for support) so I ordered and received a new one. In the meantime, I epoxied the break and drove a small screw in to hold it together. That worked for a couple weeks, now the grip is broken at all three points. Looking at Barry Rowland's teardown video, it doesn't look like there is much material there to try gluing it again. Anyone else have this problem? Is it worth contacting Fanatec? The wheel is a bit over a year old.


  • Hey Alan, no issues on mine but will keep an eye opened. To be fair, mine is about 7months old.

    When you say "broke at all three points", do you mean entire left side of the wheel handle is off from main body?

    Curious, how much force are you using? (DD1?). I'm using DD Pro 8nm and primarily plan GT7 with moderate/descent force.

    I guess mileage may vary depending on force, game, type of racing (road race vs. rally).

    Just a theory... but perhaps when you drive, you're putting too much force on handle toward you or away from you? If that's possible, then maybe your wheel angle or position is not ideal to your seating position(?) something to consider.

    I would definitely contact Fanatec for support, you might have received a defective unit. Good luck!

  • Alan DegasisAlan Degasis Member
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    I have a CSL-DD 180 base. I don't think I push or pull on the grips excessively, I don't remove the wheel often (only to re-tape the shaft) and when I do, I pull it off from the QR and push it on from the center. The plastic back first broke at the bottom as indicated in the photo, I epoxied it and drove in a small screw which held till I received a new wheel, then the top part of the grip broke. The center it cracked but the grip hasn't fallen off completely.

    The worst part is that I was registered for a race when it broke I forgot to Withdraw and lost 127 iRating!

    I contacted Support. Hoping they can replace the back (the electronics are fine) so I'll have a spare. I kinda don't trust it to hold up.

  • Here are a few more pictures to help visualize the issue. The grip first broke at the bottom, I epoxied and screwed it back which lasted for a while, then the middle and top connection broke. The material is channel-shaped and quite thin.

  • Wow, whole Youtube is always recommending Fanatec, so i will recieve my first Fanatec hardware tomorrow (CSL DD, McLaren Wheel and CSL Pedals with loadcell and the tuning kit). It is worrying to see the level of "quality" displayed here and on several other topics. And never a reaction from Fanatec crew??? I start to worry if i made the wrong choice...

    Absolutely mindblown by the bad quality for a European company!

    Good luck with your wheel mate!

  • Don't panic . I've had my DD Pro, LC and McLaren wheel for over a year now and have used them for hundreds of hours without issue. When I see a wheel broken like the pictures above I can't help but think they've been pushing/pulling on it for that to happen.

  • Florijn KleinFlorijn Klein Member
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    Ok, that is somewhat comforting to know :)

    Trying the wheel today with AC, CSP and CM. Still looking trough all the assignables and settings.


    BTW: I can't change the black pedals into anything else than clutch/ handbrake? Tried in the driver as well as Fanalab, as well as Content Manager (there they are not recognised at all).

  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
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    The analogue paddles? You can change the options for them with the multi position dial.

    Pos 1 - Clutch bite-point mode (standard/advanced)

    Pos 2 - Clutch/handbrake mode

    Pos 3 - Brake/throttle mode (allows driving without pedals connected)

    Pos 4 - Mappable axis mode

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