Csw 2.5 Order

has anyone that ordered a csw 2.5 received there's yet ? I was told it would be ready to ship June 12th. I haven't received anything yet ordered in April.


  • Nope I dont think anyone has, there was a power outage that knocked down their system on the 12th. Orders were supposed to ship the next day and day after, but some would be further delayed, blah blah blah.

    Basically, their excuse is an outage caused them not to be shipped the 12th. Now going on the 18th and still complete silence, to literally, no one surprise anymore.

    I suspect they just missed the june 12th date again like all the other missed dates and just lied to try and cover their asses. We're all just left to their mercy now.

    And to think that there are still people on the forums that dont understand the anger and frustrations running rampant here.

  • It is a lil frustrating .. ive been pretty patient ordered a new rig 3 monitors computer and all is here except the stuff I need to play .

  • I placed an order with the CSW and a few other items on April 29 and also had the "available June 12" also after emailing them on June 13 on the status they replied early this morning....

    I replied for them to initiate partial shipping. With this wait hope that their manufacturing quality control doesn't go down.

  • So we're stuck waiting until July 24th?! Not a chance in hell am I waiting that long. I emailed almost a week ago and got no reply guess I'll try again to ship the v3 pedals and cancel the base.

  • I ordered mine on 4/27 and it shipped yesterday

  • Ordered my CSW2.5 on April 18th and nothing yet

  • I'm in exactly the same boat as you. I ordered a CSW 2.5, Elite LC pedals, and a Formula carbon steering wheel on April 27 with the understanding that everything would ship on June 12. For the last 7 weeks I've been marking the days off on my calendar, while building an entirely new rig (Next Level F-GT cockpit, MSI gaming computer and Samsung 49" ultra widescreen). So now it's all set up and ready to race, except for the guts. June 12th finally came... and went... *Crickets* Now we're almost a week past and I've yet to receive any update from Fanatec. My order page still says Availibility: June 12 on everything except for the LC kit which says Availability: April 29, and Order Status still says "In Process".

    There has been some concern in the forums that Fanatec has been shipping back-ordered items to newer buyers rather than holding onto them so that older orders can be completed when subsequent items arrive. Rumor has it that they won't ship unless all items in an order happen to arrive in their warehouse at the same time. Some have recommended sending notice to Fanatec requesting that items be shipping as soon as they arrive. So I'm waiting for reply to a webshop email and a PM to Dominic. Or maybe my tracking number will magically appear in my email inbox. Not holding my breath.

    If Dom sees this, my order number is 1068770 - please let me know what's going on !

  • Hello,

    I have been following the discussions here for about a week now. I probably should have done this sooner. I don't want to complain, because I ordered my CSW 2.5 only on June 14th, but with the belief that the date for delivery on July 3rd will be right then. But as you can see, Fanatec has now set a new date of July 24th, according to the mail from Tim. On the homepage the availability date is still July 3. How can that be? Branden ordered his base in April and has still not received any goods. That means that I can expect to get my base in September at the earliest. I would never have pre-ordered if I had known how bad the management at this company is. My credit card was of course already charged for a long time.

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    I have a CSW V2.5, V3 Pedals, CS GT Wheel and Xbox universal hub on order.

    Availability dates were spread around June 12 to July 24, but on Monday morning I had an email saying my entire ordered was processed and I would get a shipping notification soon. 🤷‍♂️

    No tracking # from FedEx yet they said that would take a couple more days, and no idea what is actually going to show up. I'll be really confused (and really happy) if everything comes, including items like my wheel and hub, that weren't listed as available until late July.

    Fact of the matter is, the website is totally unreliable.

  • Wow when did you order ?

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    My original order was a Forza Motorsport Bundle placed on May 4.

    After an update on the availability date that pushed the expected delivery out until AUGUST I cancelled on May 29 and submitted a new order for individual items to avoid the August timing for the bundle.

    So, to answer your question this order was placed May 29 and included:

    • CSW V2.5
    • CS Pedals V3
    • CS Pedals V3 Performance Kit
    • CS Steering Wheel Universal Hub for XBOX1
    • CS Wheel Rim GT Alcantara

    Availability dates were various from June 12 to July 24. Monday, June 15, I got a surprising email that said:

    "We are very sorry for that late reply. Due to an increase in incoming messages it is not possible to answer immediately at the moment. We will do our utmost to improve our service for our appreciated customers.

    We are pleased to inform you that all products are available in the meantime, we willl thus ship your order today.

    Via separate e-mail by FEDEX you will receive the tracking numbers within the next two days."

    Following that email, the availability dates were removed from my order and the status was updated to "The Order Has Been Processed"

    I have not yet received tracking# or notification from FedEx or UPS.

    There's the full story from my side. I'll update if/when I get tracking info or products in hand.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous I just talked to someone who recieved there pedals after only ordering the on the 6th !! How id it these people the just put in orders are getting there stuff before people who ordered way b4 them ????? Mine is on partial delivery so no excuses.

  • I have to say I agree. I mean, of course I am happy to be the beneficiary but it is indeed pretty strange and definitely unacceptable for many consumers that ordered before me. I also requested partial delivery (never got confirmation of that) and the next email I got said everything shipped together. 🤷‍♂️

    It's clear that their ordering system and inventory control is out of whack and they were fully unprepared to handle the increased demand. I hope you get your stuff soon...

  • I got my email today

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