Grinding feel on v3 brake pedal

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Is it normal to have a very slight grinding feel to the V3 brake pedal? Should it feel completely smooth? They are brand new with the brake mod installed. Thanks.


  • Remove the elastomer's, clean the metal tube, re-grease and reassemble. It should be smooth.

  • Tried that, I think it’s the plastic piece inside the housing that the red tube screws into. There’s a white cap that moves up and down and it seems to have a little friction. It doesn't make it hard to brake but you just feel a faint grainy feel when the Piston moves in and out when braking

  • Hi Michael,

    I'm having similar symptom with my V3 brake after taking it apart then lubricating. Did your problem eventually go away?

    I tried Lithium grease that was provided by Fanatec... didn't really help. Then I tried it with vaseline on stocked elastomers it helps little but does not remove grainy feel toward 70-100%.

    I should have left it alone and not greased it, it wasn't like this when I received it last week. :-(


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