confusion about my order after reading the forum

Hello guys,

I made an order in the EU site with all my items being available. The same day i made my order the V3 pedals inverted went ouf of stock till September

in my order it does not says that it is a preorder with the date like i've seen in other post but it has been in process since this Monday:

I just don't know if i will get them as everything was on stock because i dont really want to wait till september just for one item..


  • I'm in the same boat but I ordered back in April. I made two orders, one that was out of stock till 6/12 and one that was in stock. The in stock items shipped but still just show as "open". The 2nd order has had the same open status for almost 2 months.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Please contact the sales team for information on your order.

  • Update 22 June: The order is still in process and no one has responded to my customer support ticket after 1 week

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