M4 Gt3 Wheel and Fanalab LED settings?

I've never used Fanalab before, and I've dug through a lot of the forum for Fanalabs, but there's so much...

I just have a couple questions:

  1. Is there away to map something like and engine light from on to off? Red to Green? or something like that on the BMW m4 GT3 wheel?
  2. Are the options of what you can do based on each game? Is on off even an option? This is my first go at mapping the LED's and im in AMS2 and mostly it seems i can map Flags and such.
  3. Is there any good tutorials for Fanalabs? I found a few short videos on the Fanalab Forum, and youtube, but there's not a ton new on it and more notable, LED button lights.
  4. Is there any way to add a Blink/Flash to the REV lights on the M4 wheel?
  5. If you can't do any of the above CAN YOU PLEASE ADD IT?!!! ;)
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