Button assignments differ when changing wheels

When I change wheels on my Csl Dd (PC Mode) the Button assignments change in really weird way.

I have a McLaren V2 and a Wrc wheel. And the differing mappings are quite inconvenient and I really don't understand, why the mappings are so different.

For example :

On the Wrc the dstick press is mapped to button 24 but on the McLaren the funky switch press is mapped to button 25. On the wrc the Xbox button is mapped to button 25 but on the McLaren it is mapped to button 24.

So the buttons are just flipped. Who on earth has decided to do this?

LT/RT Buttons are also mapped totally different (7/6 on the wrc and 33/31 or whatever on the McLaren).

Why is there no common pattern? Is it possible to change this, so that I don't have to remap everything after changing wheels?

BTW I mostly play AMS2.


  • I have the same 2 wheels. I just set up 2 profiles in AMS2, it's easy enough to do, just name one WRC, copy, name copy GT3 and remap buttons to suit. I know it's not ideal but at least AMS2 makes it easy to swap profiles in game.

    I don't think you'll ever see consistent button numbering as no 2 wheels are the same, or at least WRC and GT3 wheels are very different.

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