F1 23 PC and McLaren v2 missing buttons 7&8 - SOLUTION!

For those of you with a McLaren GT3 V2 wheel who are playing F1 23 on PC, you've probably noticed that the wheel's in-game profile expects you to use buttons 7&8 to navigate various menus. Problem is, the wheel doesn't have anything that reports as either button 7 or 8 when pressed/activated, and these buttons can't be remapped- requiring the user to either use a nearby keyboard, or to use some sort of 3rd party input remapping software.

Neither of those solutions were desirable to me, so I set about looking for a better one. Turns out, the solution I found is actually very simple:

In the game options menu where you choose your device preset, choose the preset for the original (V1) McLaren wheel - NOT the V2. The V1 uses buttons 5&6 (the paddle shifters) to navigate the game menus, instead of the non- existent buttons 7&8.

Just pick the V1 preset, bind (or re-bind) all your control mappings, and off you go, no more keyboard, no more remapping software required!

Maybe this is already well-known, but it was definitely news to me, so I thought I'd share.


  • Ok... after further gameplay, this unfortunately isn't a full-on "solution", as there are still occasionally a few spots in game where buttons 7 and 8 are requested.

    So the above method does help, but unfortunately doesn't completely eliminate the problem.

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