Can't turn off ABS Shaking

Previously was only using fanalab it for the LEDs; but it was contributing to the CPU Overload \>99% so i turned it off and forgot about it.

Last night I accidentally opened it; now I have very severe ABS Shaking at under 30mph through the steering column that I can't turn off.

in fanalab; I have deleted all the game profiles; I have disabled all the settings in vibration; I have turned off all the settings in dynamic FFB;

In assetto corsa: gain is 60% ; kerb/road/slip/abs are all set to 0%.

I don't want any assists through the steering column, i have the toe tickler vibration things for that.

Can anyone please help me turn these assists off?

It's shaking my desk apart every time the ABS kicks in at low speeds.

specifically at it's worse in the 458 italia;

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