Request for status update on partially completed order.

Hi Fanatec Sales Team,

I placed an order May 2nd for 5 items worth €1,510.19 (Order# 1072452)

I received an update on June 2nd regarding the status of my order. A member of your team said to me that everything in my order except the Static Shifter Paddles will ship on June 12th.

The SSPs are backordered to July 31st.

A shipment was sent to me on June 12th which were only 2 of my items (V3 pedals and table clamp). I received these items yesterday. 

Can you please tell me when you are expecting to ship the CSW 2.5 base and Formula 1 V2 wheel?

I would like to know if there is a further delay. If it is the case that you do not expect more stock available until next month then I would like to know so that I can request a refund on the items not yet dispatched to me.




  • This is not the right place to ask anything to the Sales Team, nobody from the Team will see the message here.

    Please only contact them directly through the contact us form in the webshop or by mail directly (note that naswers can take up to 14 days actually).

  • Thanks but I've tried that route (twice) with no response from the sales team. Only response I have received was from Dom June 2nd.

    I think it would benefit me and others to know what the best course of action is regarding obtaining a refund for a partially completed order now that the option is removed from my profile and I would like to begin a discussion on the topic.

  • You're late to the party bud.

    Email Fanatec and wait at least 7 days for a response before trying a second time.

    If you don't like that reality, cancel your order, because it is what is is and it ain't gonna change.

  • Hi Jonathan, I see you managed to cancel your order and place anew for individual items instead?

    With the order partially fulfilled, it seems I no longer have the luxury of having that cancel button on my orders page.

    Quite concerning since I have still yet to receive €1,020 worth of equipment I've already paid for.

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