Order status, thinking of sending it all back.

Sorry to say, but Fanatec is not really that friendly.

When I ordered my 1700 + thing, the money was in the next day and they shipped right away.

My stand alone pedals wouldn't work with this set, so two days later I ordered pedals too. The payment is in, but shipping: nope.

Sure, I can drive a bit with the clutch pedals, but it is undoable. As long as they don't ship, I have NO use for my 1700+ order.

It makes me a bit angry: lots of money and we work for you, less money: you can wait.

Tried the chat; "no agents available" keeps coming up.

Am I overreacting when I say: the large order is useless, I just send it all back, cancel the smaller order too?

It's just sickening to have a 1700 bucks bookrest..........

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