Fanatec doesn't send bolts?!!!

So I'm all ready to set up the DD1 and there are no fine thread bolts included in the box? ARE YOU PEOPLE **** KIDDING ME??

You send a $1000+ piece of machinery from Europe to the states and you don't include little bolts? Our home Depots don't carry those products and now I've got to buy it from Amazon and I am simply guessing on the size (quarter-inch?)

This whole process of purchasing from Fanatec for the first time has been so incredibly bad, I will never ever purchase another product from this company again.

If you guys would have simply included the little bolts and simply responded to order inquiry emails in even a remotely timely fashion, I would've been fine. Your company has the technical prowess, but your human component is desperately lacking.

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  • If you think about it for a moment, Fanatec has no idea what rig you will be using. So, in that case, they would have to stock bolts for every conceivable rig on the market. I do believe that's a bit much to ask. I feel your pain as I had to go out and find some bolts for my DD1, but you can't possibly expect Fanatec to know where and and what you will be installing it on.


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    Which you could have downloaded from the website months ago!!

  • Do these four products fit together or am I missing some crucial piece because it doesn't seem like they are going to fit

  • I mean you can just read the manual and figure out what bolts you need before you received the package.

  • Can you read? Assuming the answer is yes then read the manual. The length of the bolts you need is dependent on the thickness of the plate you will be mounting too. Then look here.

    I think you are about to enter a world of pain if you can't work this out for yourself. Your problem solving seems to begin and end with having a tantrum on the internet. I suspect this will be the first of many problems for you. Good luck with your new hobby. 😂

  • What Gary said.

    Make sure to Measure the plate (if you will use the bottom mounting) cause longer bolt might damage internally the DD if too long and forced to go through.

  • Let's be honest now:) will be nice to find the bolts in when you open the box... 4 M8X20mm and 3 M6X12 mm. The price for all of them is 0.5 eur in total and you order a 1200 or 1500 eur item . Sure in my case I can't find black ones and I need to order a pack of 100 witch is 5 eur...I got spares:)))

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    That will not work unless it’s a complete kit with lots of different screws.

    My wheel deck is 10mm and then M6x12mm screws are way to short and only have 2mm left and even less/nothing if I add a washer. So I need at least m6x20mm screws. But someone with a Thinner plate can’t use the 20mm screws and maybe needs 14mm or 16mm or 18mm and others maybe even 25mm. Then don’t hope people need countersunk screws or screws with a smaller or bigger head. Same for the side screws they need to be longer then 20mm. They need to add a complete kit from short to longer and normal head to countersunk also everything in M6 and M8 to make it useful. Probably even then some people need other screws to get it mounted.

    My screws for my base were delivered by the manufacturer of my cockpit.

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    FYI - Home Depot in the USA does carry metric M8x20mm & M6x12mm bolts plus other size M8 & M6 bolts. (Don't use inches)

    I visited several Home Depots for ThrustMaster & Fanatec Sim Rig builds in the past only had to buy two or four bolts, at the time for a US dollar or two.

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