Mclaren GT3 v2 button mapping

Please can someone ELI5 ( explain it like I am five years old)…

I’m struggling to map the 3 dials in the centre of the wheel to TC+/- and ABS+/-.

Also, struggling to get the left-hand corner, menu to pop up and be navigable using the funky switch.

I have a DD Pro base. ACC 1.9. PS5.

I see people online, talking about constant or pulse mode and something to do with 0,5seconds . I assume the setting is in the Windows software but no clue what to change or why I’m changing it.

I also see the base should be in Purple (PS4/5) mode is that correct?


  • if i'm getting correct what you typed is that some wheel buttons reaction time is too fast?

    by default it is game developers fault because they should use the second cpu threat for menus like this and then slow stuff down.

    but most use main threat soo if framerate are too fast then it is also button reaction.

  • The selectors must be set as ENCODER, in the MPS setup menu of the Fanatec steering wheel. This way each selector recognizes 12 distinct positions, perfect to use for TC and ABS values.

    If you set PULSE you will have only 2 values, depending on whether you turn the lever clockwise or counterclockwise. Also in this way you can set TC and ABS but only to increase or decrease the value by 1 at a time.

    There are only 2 selectors, the one in the center you can't use, it has other functions.

    Some commands in the ACC game menu can be set to either instant or long press, 0.5 seconds or more. In this way the same steering wheel button can perform 2 functions, depending on whether it is simply pressed, or pressed and held.

    All this on PC, I don't know if PS has this kind of customization.

  • Actually its the other way around.

    When the MPS are set to ENCODER then they only have 2 button inputs for + and -.

    Only when the MPS are set to PULSE or CONSTANT then they have 12 distinct positions where you can control (for example) TC and ABS values according to the position of the MPS instead of just increasing or decreasing the value (like you do with ENCODER).

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    by fast look i think PlayStation acc not have this menus like pc version have, by look some youtube videos, ps menu is different.

    soo that 0.5 sec info would not help him if that not even exist at there.

    its little sad that they made this differently. this method may make customers only more confusing if he/she searching the help

  • Thanks for the comments. I’ll try it this morning and update.

  • To confirm I'm using PS 5. ACC PS 5 version 1.9.

    I use the windows Fanatec Software tochange the settings

    The DD Pro in Purple PS4/5 mode. Also tried in PS Mode (blue)

    Wheel Settings:

    Encoder and Auto: Only changes by value of 1. So TCS 3 to 4 back to 3. Not able to map 2,3,4,5,6,etc.

    Pulse: zero change when turning the dials. Gas, Steering, other buttons work

    Constant: zero change when turning the dials. Gas, Steering works.


    I guess I need to drive more and see if I really ever need the TCS to change during a race.

  • As long as you can map TCS and ABS to increase/ decrease by 1 depending on the direction you turn their respective dials (which sounds like that should be the default "auto" behavior), that should be sufficient, as long as you've not disabled your HUD so you can see the numerical readout of what you've selected.

    While changing your ABS/TCS settings while driving isn't absolutely necessary, if you drive in changing weather conditions, or if you drive particularly long sessions of an hour or more on the same set of tires, you'll definitely appreciate having the ability to do so.

  • Hi,

    as per other answer, you can't use the central dial in-game.

    You can map individual values for Tc and ABs (the ones provided in the ACC in-game menu).

    You have to set the function to CONST, then turn the dial to 0 position, and now go in every single TC position listed in the ACC in game menu (controls, button bindings).

    Start to 0 with the dial but go in the TC 1 position, then activate the button binding and turn the dial to pos 1, move to TC 2, activate the button binding field, move dial to 2....up to 12. No need to map TC 0 position, when dialing 0 it will show 0.

    keep in mind that you load a setup and this setup gives you TC1 to 3 and TC2 to 3 (example) when you're gonna start your session you'll have these values set on car even if your dials are in a different physical position.

    But as soon as you turn the dial to a specific position the "alignment" will be ok.

    I believe i've posted this long ago maybe with more details, you can search for my posts maybe.

    Double function: some functions are working, when you are in button binding menu simply use the same button to assign the quickly for a function, keep longer for another one with the same button.

    Sometimes with ACC patches things are shuflled up and maybe aren't working anymore, can't say which ones are actyually working but there are some definitely.

    And yes, sometimes when you assign a button function the assignment field stays empty/unassigned but the function is active anyway.

    Try and be there is also console keyboard support if you want to 'save' some wheel buttons. Functions are specific, you can find a list googlin' the web.

    I'm on PS5 and DD Pro (previously PS4 + CSL Elite WB), wheel is Formula V2.5 but the dial assignment works the same on the MC LAren Wheel...

    Have fun!


  • "keep in mind that you load a setup and this setup gives you TC1 to 3 and TC2 to 3 (example) when you're gonna start your session you'll have these values set on car even if your dials are in a different physical position.

    But as soon as you turn the dial to a specific position the "alignment" will be ok."

    With MPS set to CONSTANT this is not needed. The TC and ABS values in game will ALWAYS change to the value of the MPS position as soon as you turn the wheel. There is no need to turn them once to get the value matching the position - that would be needed if you would use MPS set to PULSE.

  • Hi Maurice,

    well I beg to differ, can't give you visual proof right now but it's not behaving like you stating, I assure you.

    If I have both dials on 3 and I load a setup, or make changes before any session with different TC1/TC2values, like 5 and 5. when I start the session the value shown are 5 and 5 and not 3 and 3, meaning the ones set in the car setup window...100% guaranteed.

    As soon as you move one dial, like to 4, then the value in game changes, matching the selection.

    Note that the only way I could obtain that is to set MPS to CONST and mapping each indivudual dial position in ACC controls menu/button assignment.

    Maybe, and I say maybe, what you're stating is true with recent fw or less recent ones....I haven't updated the DD Pro/v2.5x wheel since I got it in february/march 2022, i guess it's the package 439.

    I don't like how things are messed up at every fw update and the potential hazards to hardware too, not mentioning arbitrary decisions about removing functions....don't get me wrong, I had no issues in the past with my CSL ELite...just once, looked like the wheelbase was unresponsive/bricked....then after several random and not-so-random actions it came alive again.

    Let's say I won't do that unless absolutely necessary or "mandatory". I kept my CSL Wheelbase with the same fw for years, updating only when I bought the Formula 2.5 , the wb fw update was necessary to 'handle' the wheel itself.

    Have a nice day!

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    "If I have both dials on 3 and I load a setup, or make changes before any session with different TC1/TC2values, like 5 and 5. when I start the session the value shown are 5 and 5 and not 3 and 3, meaning the ones set in the car setup window...100% guaranteed."

    Thats correct, but all you need to do is turning the wheel 1° or give throttle input and then the MPS positions get send to the game.

    Thats how it is supposed to work in CONSTANT mode and thats how it always worked for me so has nothing to do with recent firmware or old firmware.

    Only in PULSE Mode the positions are not constantly sent to the game even with any input and in that mode you indeed need to change the MPS position once to get the value matching the position.

    If its not working in CONST mode like described above, then you have an issue, most likely something not properly mapped in game or something else.

    Firmware updates are very solid in the meantime and most of the time where a firmware update "bricks" something it turns out it was quite often a user error... So the risk of damaging anything with updating the firmware is minimal these days. As a matter of fact, as a betatester for Fanatec I flash Firmwares basically weekly, sometimes daily, so the total amount of firmware flashes could be in the 4-digits by now and only had one single issue where the update failed and bricked the base, but that was years ago and basically cant happen anymore these days as there were taken actions to prevent this.

  • Can'tsend you visual proof unfortunately, anyway I can assure it's not like that. 😉

    But I'm not saying you're wrong, knowing your involvement with Fanatec and your tester activity, don't get me wrong mate! 😉

    And of course I apply throttle input to start the race/qualy/practice session or else...values are set like setup screen and not reflecting the physical dials position until activated manually for the first time. This was true before on PS4+CSL Elite WB+Formula 2.5x and now with same wheel on PS5+DD Pro.

    Can't say things changed at every ACC update or patch.

    Can't really think where there is something wrong in the assignment controls page due to the limited options Vs PC assignment screen, but I'll look into as soon as i can.

    I know what you mean about the improved 'solidity' of the fw package, I basically try to read the forum on a daily basis, even a quick glance.

    And it's true what you say about 'user error'....but then is on the manufacturer to prevent such possibility. That time I had the issue with the CSL WB I truly tought it was bricked, but luckily I'm a long tech user and I was able to recover....while in the same situation, maybe, other user would have called for a failure and RMA process. JUst saying ☺️

    But it's also true that at every fw update the forum is filled with comments, and as I read many I can say I "don't like" what is happening every time and I can't see why I should update to the recent 451-2 vs my very old 439.

    This is me, of course, being 'conservative' and in this case please forgive me when I'm stating something wrong like "I can't see there's such a significant leap between these fw".

    But please, shed some light if you like, taking in consideration that I'm on console only.

    Thanks again for your comments mate, wish you a lovely day!.

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