PS5 F1 '23 keeps crashing with Fanatec DD PRO


Pretty new to this, but I installed the DD PRo with a Clubsports F1 Steering wheel on my PS5.

It starts-up, all controls work, but the game crashes after a few seconds of playtime and goes back to the home menu. When I go back to the game it takes some time, but then it goes back to the point where it crashed.

Any tips how to fix this?


  • I have DD Pro and Formula V2 , works fine on PS5 F1 23, in fact seems to be only brand with minimal issues, as logi and TM wheel users are complaining a lot.

    So first question would be have you updated FW to recent/latest versions?

  • Thanks for your help Neil, I think it's fixed now. The power button of the DD PRO was not on ''Blue'' (PS5 compatible mode).

  • Ahh - yes that would do it - glad you’ve sorted it.

  • Neil, it appears that you've successfully resolved the issue. The culprit arose from the power button on the DD PRO not being in the 'Blue' position. Once again, your quick thinking and attention to detail are much appreciated. We're back and on track.

    insta pro

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