F1® Esports V2 / ClubSport Magnetic Module Paddle

Hi !

I would like to know if any of you have installed the module with this steering wheel to get their opinion.

I would like to put larger pallets than the original ones and know if they can be adjusted in spacing and depth.

Thank you for your answers.



  • I have the APM which has the mag shifters as well as clutch and second set of upper paddles on the formula v2 wheel. Really like them and the extra paddles are nice adds for additional functions - either over take and drs or look left/fight in F1. The analog clutch paddles are supported in F1 as clutch but only on/off - still some extra immersion.

    some inserts are included for an offset back

  • MeryllMeryll Member
    edited August 2023

    Thank you for your answer 😉

    I only play GT7 for the moment. I don't need clutch to drive recent car as hypercar, GT2 or GT3. But it would be interesting to have paddles to look right, left or behind and to indicate a pit stop with a turn signal..

    I hesitate between the two modules 🤔


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