How to setup CSL DD PRO for Forza in Xbox?

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So first of all, I tried many settings for Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 5.

My problem is, the wheel over about 140 km/hour pulls even in a straight road. So if I don't grab the wheel it moves from right to left.

If I redzce the FFD it won't solve the problem, just it gives less power, so I can correct it this behaviour.

So as I mentiend I have a DD Pro, with an Xbox series X.


  • there could be multi reasons

    too low steering angle

    your force feedback setting at game are negative instead off positive , don't ask me if its possible change, i not have this game

  • do you notice that it pulls to one side when you don't let go of the steering wheel?

  • You can find the video, what I have recorded about the problem:

    I reset all of the in game settings, as you can see about 200 km/hour the wheel moves, and difficult to correct

  • It looks like you're experiencing oscillation when you remove your hands from the wheel. My question is, why are you removing your hands from the wheel? Some oscillation is not uncommon, and this appears to be mild enough that by keeping both hands on the wheel, your hands and arms act as natural dampers, and you'd barely feel or be affected by it at all.

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    thing is tho,if you are at straight line this actually not happens with real car so he have same odd feeling like allot others

    but yes in safety reasons you should really not release hands from steering wheel first place even in reality, expect if you already at in near wall for crash

  • I released the wheel because of the demonstration... If I grab the wheel, this oscillation won't go away, just I have to deal with it. This oscillation causes instability of car, because I always try to correct this.

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    These are the settings that I've used for FM7 on Xbox One.

    (Fanatec driver v439 - I've never been compelled to upgrade beyond that)

    SEN 900

    FF 100






    FEI 100


    Steering Axis Deadzone Inside 0

    Steering Axis Deadzone Outside 100

    Vibration Scale 10

    FFB Scale 100

    Aligning Torque Scale 105

    Mechanical Trail Scale 100

    Pneumatic Trail Scale 120

    Road Feel Scale 90

    Load Sensitivity 75

    Wheel Damper Scale 15

    Center Spring Scale 20

    Dynamic Damper Behavior 75

    Wheel Rotation Angle 900

    Steering Linearity 50

    Tested with the Indy car at Indianapolis, indeed there is a fair amount of oscillation if you remove your hands from the wheel. There were some fairly strong kicks especially noticeable while cornering, but to me it felt mostly ok, which I interpreted as bumps and the reaction of the car's suspension to the cornering loads. I've never driven an Indycar or anything close to it in real life, but it all felt reasonably good to me.

    The thing with oscillation is that it starts with very little movement and then amplifies more and more the longer you let it go. By keeping your hands on the wheel, your hands and arms are absorbing and correcting for this small bit of movement usually without you even noticing. If it really bothers you, you might try increasing the NDP and/or NIN values on the wheelbase to counteract it. This will make the wheel feel more "sluggish" and resistant to changes of direction, but can also make it more difficult to feel fine detail and to make quick steering corrections (to catch a slide, for example).

    I don't think there are any "perfect" settings, you're always going to have some degree of oscillation present, it's just a limitation of the hardware/software. It's all about finding a reasonable compromise.

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    that issue have allot games really. i played the American truck simulator for example and this even started happen with a car what stays still

    for me it fixed at there for increase the steering angle

    it could be that there is some-sort firmware bug what calculates this wrongly depends off steering angle

  • My comment from the Motorsport Settings post:

    "I'm super happy with these settings (CSL DD 8nm, X-box series X) based on the 'Racing from Home' YouTube channel (the guy spent hours perfecting it). Tested on regular road cars but it's a great foundation that you don't need to change, and rather adjust the car settings where needed (GT and F1).

    Tuning Menu Settings:

    SEN 2520

    FFB 100

    FFS Peak

    NDP 10

    NFR 5

    NIN 5


    FEI 100

    In-Game Settings:

    Steering Axis Deadzone Inside 0

    Steering Axis Deadzone Outside 100

    Accel Axis Deadzone Inside 15

    Accel Axis Deadzone Outside 100

    Decel Axis Deadzone Inside 25

    Decel Axis Deadzone Outside 95

    Clutch Axis Deadzone Inside 10

    Clutch Axis Deadzone Outside 100

    Ebrake Axis Deadzone Inside 10

    Ebrake Axis Deadzone Outside 100

    Vibration scale 40

    Force feedback scale 100

    Steering Self Alignment 100

    Mechanical trail scale 65

    Pneumatic Trail Scale 125

    Road Feel Scale 200

    Load Sensitivity 60

    Wheel Damping Scale 40

    Center Spring Scale 80

    Dynamic Damper Behaviour 100

    Steering Sensitivity 100

    Steering Linearity 50

    I had an issue with the settings 'as is' that I borrowed from the 'Racing from Home' channel when the cabin wheel and hands animation weren't in sync with the physical wheel, it was at least 2x times faster (SEN = AUTO, Steering Sensitivity = 50). When I changed SEN to 252 and Steering Sensitivity to 100, the issue was gone, yet I still have around the usual 900 degrees of rotation 'lock to lock'. The overall experience and feel are amazing, I don't want to change anything, apart from the actual racing skill =)

    And I believe you can then tweak the 'steering rotation' and sensitivity per car in the car's settings if you need quicker and more limited steering for GT and F1 cars without changing the main settings.

    PS Braking limits help me brake more consistently at 80% with standard CSL pedals without the Load Cell."

  • if you use these settings the SEN 2520 on the wheel is important, i dont get perfect scale between my wheel on screen and mine ( formula 2.5) havent found a way to fix that yet, but if i lower the SEN i get the oscillation you talk about, the lower sen, the stronger it gets at lower speed,

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    thing is , not every game supports this Auto mode so not always the 2520 is a option

  • if i put (sen) on 2520 my car doesn't turn lol

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