The New CSL Universal Hub V2

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We introduce the CSL Universal Hub V2 and some new Wheel Rim bundles at an incredible price. That’s NINE new Steering Wheels at 199.95€! 

The CSL Universal Hub V2 is a refinement of the original design, retaining its unique width adjustment feature to suit a variety of wheel rim diameters.

The new metal bracing improves rigidity by up to 23%, and the shifter paddles are have a more comfortable shape and feature a new spring mechanism. 

The CSL Universal Hub V2 is available in all regions at the same price as the V1: 

EU: 149.95€ 

US: $149.95 

Japan: ¥20,000 

Australia: $249.90 


And we have a special deal when you purchase the CSL Universal Hub V2 with selected Fanatec Wheel Rims. Regional pricing for the Steering Wheel bundles: 


EU: 199.95€ 

US: $199.95 

Japan: ¥25,800 

Australia: $349.90 


Of course, the incredible CSL DD discount still applies to these new wheels (and the Hub itself). Simply add one of these wheels to your cart alongside a pedal set and a CSL DD, and you’ll get the wheel base for just 199.95€. 

The breadth of choice in the Fanatec ecosystem continues to be unmatched!  

Your Fanatec Team


  • There are a couple of wheel combos that I like with this wheel rim. At $200, it's not a bad deal. But I'm not getting a new steering wheel until the QR2 happens.

  • No buy on Fanatec, their take your money and never send the order. I trying to contact with them since a week and no body answer me.... I fill they are stilling my money.

  • Many people before you have written similar things, here, and all over the web, for many years. However, you didn't read them before purchasing.

    This isn't to mock you, just to make you think. New customers won't read it.

  • Haha.

    And you have all razon 😂

    But what about the good laughs we're having?

    I know what about when you order something to Germany, not the first time and meaby not the last.

    But it is my duty as a consumer to complain, Just to encourage the company to improve.

    better service... More money on the pocket.

    Ty for your time Alessandro

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Thank you for your feedback on the order situation, David. We apologize for the delay and that you’re still waiting for your order to be delivered. You’ll receive an email notification alongside tracking information from the shipping provider that will also be put in your customer account on our website once your order is ready to be shipped. Please currently ignore the “completely shipped” status. We are aware that response times of our Customer Care team are currently taking up longer than usual due to these logistical delays. We’re working intensively with our logistics partner to process the delivery of your orders as quickly as possible.

    Your Fanatec Team

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