The Crew Motorfest

Release: September 14, 2023. If you pre-order then you can play as early as September 11, 2023.

I am curious if anyone will be playing this game and if there will be any Fanatec setting for it. I have the Podium F1 (PlayStation) with V3 pedals. When I played the beta (ps5) I mainly used controller. I did try using the wheel. I just used the settings I use for GT7. I am not great at figuring the settings on my own. For the time I used it I enjoyed it. I was very surprised how good it felt and the setting were not even proper for it. So, I am hoping that maybe Fanatec or someone with interests in this game will hopefully be able to make recommendations for it. I don't mind using controller until then but I would really like to be able to use a wheel with actual recommended settings.


  • Played for about 4.5 hours last night with a CSL DD with Boost Kit, CSL v3 Inverted Pedals and the McLaren GT3 v2 wheel. I used the McLaren wheel because I had been playing F1 23 the night before and didn't feel like swapping my QR1 to the WRC wheel.......I really need to get a 2nd one. 😂

    Initial impressions where good, I didn't change the settings too much from F1 23 because I wanted to go with a known setup of how the wheel works and feels in that game, and then tune if needed. I did change a couple things like dropping damper to 10, and upped the FFB in game to 100, and turned the damper in game down to 20, vibrations off or maybe 10-20 if you want them but the initial settings are WAY to 'gimmicky' feeling. I know its not a true sim, but I need to be able to hang on to the wheel.

    FFB is really good for a simcade/arcade, whatever you want to classify it as. I personally enjoy it 1000000 times more than the shitbox that is Horizon 5. The FFB may be ok in FH5, but the actual wheel physics in that game SUCK. I can actually let off the gas at 110-120 and engage the brake without the car wanting to do a 360, and drive cars offroad (shocker i know) and control them just fine. NOW, that was with steering still at 360, but FH5 was dam near unplayable on a wheel even at 360 because of the shit physics.

    The only 'bug' and I need to do some more digging, research, talk to more experienced players of The Crew, was the gas and brake didn't engage until about 65-70% of pedal travel. I have read some threads on reddit that say you need to enable the 'precise' option under Controls in the Settings, but I didn't see that until today. I am going to be playing a lot more of this game because it's a GREAT open world racer that honestly just feels fun to drive on a wheel.

    Current verdict, buy it and don't look back for an awesome open world, GO HAVE FUN, racing game. It's not a full sim and I didn't want it to be. I wanted a sit back and chill, race/drive with friends and enjoy it experience and that is 100% what this is. Kudos to the devs because I will put way more time into this than I ever thought about in FH5 simply because its FUN to drive with a wheel.

  • I definitely agree about FH5. I just use controller with that game. I couldn't find an enjoyable setting for it anywhere. I even tried other people's DD1 settings. Just didn't do it for me. But The Crew Motorfest was great on PS5. I ended buying it for PC. I still haven't messed with my settings yet. Not until it has been out for awhile. Hopefully, someone has the same setup as me and posts decent settings. I really need to get myself a round or a D wheel at some point. This game is perfect for stepping back from the serious competition side of racing. Can it be crazy? Sure! But you can also choose to be serious in it too with the crew of people, lol, or you can just drive the entire Hawaiian Island like you drive normally. You could also choose to from large variety of cars. Off-road and on. Motorcycles, planes and boats. Speaking of which. They really need to make it where you take the wheel base and point the wheel up. Then attach bars for a bike. Then the shaft also be able to go in and out for bumps. I think the only thing for motorcycles is the one where you can use your actual bike. Either way, something good and affordable needs to be made for motorcycles.

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    I'm running Gt DD Pro with 8 Boost Kit. Which I believe is the same as the DD the only difference is the PlayStation chip in the base. WRC Rim. And am happy enough with the default setting for now but definitely would love some much improved settings. I'll try what you got for now. I'm using the Crew 2 CSL DD with Boost Kit setting from here in the forums.

    Fanatec DD PRO The Crew2 PC:


    FFB: 80~100


    NDP: 10

    NFR: off

    NIN: 0

    INT: 8

    FEI: 100

    FOR: 100

    SPR: 100

    DPR: 100--

  • I definitely would need stronger settings since my base is 20Nm. But here is what they have to say about wheels. no settings mentioned though

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