Fanatec customer service sent RMA device back without solving the issue

I bought a new CSL DD - Clubsport Formula v2.5 and CSL Pedals recently and when I first tried it I realised that there was constant vibration was coming from wheelbase. It was like sand moving inside the wheelbase.

I asked for replacement and they asked the wheelbase and steering wheel for RMA.

It was in their warehouse for almost 3 weeks and when I got it back yesterday I saw that nothing was made! The problem is still there and they sent me the device without solving the issue.

I mean, I heard that Fanatec customer service is bad sometimes, but this is unacceptable.

I told them that this was a brand new device and I realised the issue in first time use, but still; they sent the defective device back to me.

They reply my emails in 2-3 days and its so hard and long to communicate with them. I am very regreftul that I bought a Fanatec device...


  • Same story for me. Just a separate issue.

    Sent it in. Sat with them for a while. Got it back and right from first looking at it I had a bad feeling that it hadn't even been touched.

    Sure enough, same issue.

    Now to make matters worse I've just sent it back for a second time, and they've just replied telling me they still can't find anything wrong with it despite me sending multiple videos with clear evidence there is.

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