Nothing about my order or my money.

After one week, I don't know nothing of my order or of my money. I was trying to contact with fanatec but it's impossible. I feellign like they still my money.

This is not seriously and it's abuse of your customers.

They don't know, I can cancel the payment with a credit card before the end of month....

My recommendation, not buy nothing on Fanatec website, they are laughing of their customers.


Ridiculus shop


  • If you're based in EU you can report a dishonest seller to ODR

    Perhaps they will improve at least a little if EU structures start to intervene.

  • Hi and thx Rafal,

    Yep, I'm in Spain. I go to report it. A lot of thx.

    Its unbelive the null service of fanatec ... The hair style salon of my area, it's more active on internet..

    Probably this the problem of legalization in Germany... I just kidding 😜


  • Disgusting behavior of the company, after some research it´s clear its managed by a bunch of clowns.

  • Imagine Fanatec as the highway of a beach vacation town. The road is sized on the average annual traffic. However, in the winter months it will be almost deserted, while in the summer, there will be long queues of cars, because it is not designed for such intense traffic.

    Thus Fanatec's most popular products are out of stock for long periods of the year. When the products arrive in the warehouse, they are shipped, all in the same period. Some will be defective, and will require service. Some will need to be sent back to be replaced. All together again in the same period. Fanatec's shipments and customer support will go into crisis, and just at the moment when everyone is buying their products. There are many horror stories regarding Fanatec support and shipping. But everyone continues to buy thinking that it is just an unfortunate period that has now passed. Instead, the unlucky period will always come while you are purchasing your Fanatec product.

  • Growing is not a excuse.

    It's calling dead by success.

    When a bussines grow, it s necessary contract more personal. Trying to do it with what you have is a abusing of your employees and your customers. Very poor business plan.

    I could buy and spend more money and believe me I will do it with another brand.

    I miss my t300... Better trade company

  • Yes exactly like that. But this is written in many sites online, just do a search. If people informed themselves well before buying, Fanatec would be forced to correct its structure.

  • One week an any news... I only can cancel de payment on the bank....

    Really patetich store.

    I go to try with moza.

    Enjoy and get luck whit this **** people.

  • i not know what you buy but in last week some products was not even in they shop yet.

  • I bought the last 5 of Sept, the next day fanatec said, completed shipping... And it's not true... They never ship nothing but on this state I can not cancel the order... This it's the trick, it take my money and one day maybe I will recibe my things.. Fanatec not shame....

    I both on China... And I recibe my things on one week.... Really I think fanatec still our money.

    I never saw less respect for a customer...

    For what now I want a trash of fanatec? If I need move the rma I will be fucked...

    I don't want nothing of fanatec now... Not confiable (trusted) brand...

  • well, i waited they product almost month because there was no any at warehouse and still get mine, it's not like they are thief's, they simply may not have them

    also in 5 Sept they not had the DD at they warehouse either, so it must be that you little mis understand about the shipping, and preparation to the shipping

  • Sorry boy, all producto were aviable, and I had a confirmation on email of it. For this razon their move the state to complety shipped.

    This is the problem, the not real states of their web site.. The order is not complety shipped, it's waiting something on the warehouse. If I recive this communication, I have not problems, but their lie to me and I disapprove it. No honest fanatec people.. Their do it because the products are not aviable and no want I cancel the order... This is still....

  • Dear journal...

    The answer of fanatec after I said please cancel the order if you no sent it.

    Dear David,

    Thanks for reaching out to Fanatec!


    We are very sorry your order is affected by a processing backlog and would like to provide you with context on the situation. Within the scope of providing better service and more options for our customers, we have transitioned to a new EU warehouse. Despite our best efforts and extensive preparation on our end, this change has had more hiccups than we could have expected. One aspect of this includes incorrect updates on the shipping status, which is why you do not have a tracking number yet.

    Rest assured, things are moving forward. We have added additional staff to handle the workload and it is our primary goal to get your purchase out to you as soon as possible. Once your order has left our warehouse, the tracking number will be uploaded to your order in your Fanatec account and you can track the delivery progress via UPS directly.


    We greatly appreciate your continued patience!

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße



  • Same this as you, same reply of course. ordered from sweden the 8th of Spetember.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    compared to my delivery time from Germany you should probably not get your product in this week

  • Dear journal,

    New email from fanatec. Their don't understand the problem no it's the time... It's the no communication...

    I know sure I not recive it this week but sure no the next too... And for me no it's a problem, I can play other games.. Or take my car, or do exercise...

    But I totally disagree with fanatec service.

    Again the problem be ups, or warehouse provider... ..not them.. To bad...evading responsability...

    Dear fanatec, the problem is yours... Your partners are your problems too.... To my only notify me, we have a delay and no need more..... Please no ridiculous communications...

    We’d like to check in with you regarding the current shipping delays. Many of you have reached out to us for an update, and we fully appreciate that you are dissatisfied with the processing speed and limited transparency on the status of your order.

    Why is there a delay?

    We recently transitioned to a different warehouse with a new logistics partner. Despite the great effort invested by both sides in preparing the launch, there was no indication that the change would be accompanied by the issues we are currently dealing with. 

    What is Fanatec doing to improve the situation?

    As we have already shared with some of you, our teams are working overtime to address the underlying issues, and additional staff has been hired to handle the backlog.

    When will I get my tracking number?

    Our logistics partner provides us with tracking information. It is uploaded simultaneously to your Fanatec account and to our systems. For this reason, we kindly ask that you only reach out to us if you have questions on other matters, as we do not receive tracking data before you do.

    It goes without saying that we are sorry you are affected by the present challenges; for this we would like to sincerely apologise. We hope you bear with us a little longer, we expect the situation to improve soon

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    Dear journal,

    Finaly fanatec sent my order....

    They always defended that it was sent last week and that is why I couldn't cancel it.

    The tests and reality. And now that it happens, since I don't want your products, I have tried to cancel 4 times, before yesterday at 5:00 p.m.

    This has been the worst shopping experience of my life, I am 40 years old... fanatec bully

  • JamesJames Member, Administrator

    Thank you for your feedback on the order situation, David. We apologize for the delay and that you’re still waiting for your order to be delivered. You’ll receive an email notification alongside tracking information from the shipping provider that will also be put in your customer account on our website once your order is ready to be shipped. Please currently ignore the “completely shipped” status. We are aware that response times of our Customer Care team are currently taking up longer than usual due to these logistical delays. We’re working intensively with our logistics partner to process the delivery of your orders as quickly as possible.

    Your Fanatec Team

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    This is very unserious. Honestly horrible.

    Now I'm going to have to go crazy and waste days and time contacting fanatec to solve the problem....


  • and one more thing:

    Are you kidding me? you send it about 15 of sept... this is fanatec....

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