GT DD Pro wheelbase dead after just one hour

Hi there

I tried to log a support ticket twice but after submitting the website just returns me to the support page.

Please see my problem and please help me!

My newly delivered GT DD Pro bundle stopped working after just an hour of use. When I set everything up I updated the firmware. Logfiles are included in this ticket. After the update I went to play Assetto Corsa Competizione on my ps5 for about an hour when the wheel stopped working. The led on the wheelbase began to flash blue and after some while the b

ase turned itself off. Now it wont come on anymore. When I press the power button nothing happens. When I hold down the button the wheel itself moves just a little but no lights what so ever.

I cant get it to turn on at all anymore.

I tried reseating the shaft and tightening the clamp but that did not help.

I am really really bummed by this. This was a really expensive product and I have been waiting 2 weeks for it only for it to stop working after a mere hour of usage.

I hope we can resolve this issue as fast as possible.


  • Hi, don't waste any more time, you're not really talking to Fanatec here. Open a support ticket immediately. Fill in all fields. Before sending, check carefully, even invisible fields. If everything is not filled in, it will send you back to the page. If the ticket is opened correctly, a message will appear, and you will receive a confirmation email.

    At this moment the response from an operator is very late, more than a week, it seems. Be prepared for a long wait.

    Alternatively, return the product within 15 days and get a refund.

  • I have been browsing this forum for about 2 hours now and all I read are horror stories about contacting support. Would it be wiser to just return it or open a dispute through paypal?

  • my question would be tho, why they send them to users, this stuff is been happen at least month now

  • Return would be the best option? I cant seem to open a support ticket because it keeps redirecting me to the support page even though I filled in all fields.

  • Try clearing your browser's cache or signing in using a different browser, sometimes that can help.

  • Seems my previous attempt has worked. I have a support ticket now. If I dont get a reply soon I wil opt for a return and refund before the 14 days are over. Are the 14 days counted from the moment of delivery or the date of the invoice? Order date was 09/03, invoice date is 09/06 en delivery date was 09/13.

  • I would say delivery date! Anything else would be unreasonable.. I made my order 2 weeks ago and was invoiced over a week ago so if mine turns up faulty I’d already be out of the 14 day window.

    as fanatec cannot guarantee next day delivery I would say you could definitely argue delivery date as long as you can prove when that was

  • Same issue for me.

    Submit request for refund before 14 day window expires and dispute charge with credit card company ASAP. Box it up and wait to hear back from Fanatec, which might be never.

  • Still no response from Fanatec to my multiple emails.

    I am working through the dispute with my credit card company.

    This is a summary from the company's HY1 2023 financials. Liabilities up 158%, Gross Profit down 60% and EBITDA down 116%. From an investor perspective, this is not a good story. Also, the MD&A written by the company is embarrassing. Did anyone in management read this before publishing to the street (

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
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    well lets face it, every new company what comes to marked may make harder for others.




    and may more

    they are all competition


    now for example this, if user want buy something new from other company, they may sell they own old product, fanatec or any other not get any profit for this at all.

    that makes also company more harder survive this competition

  • Exactly the same problem happened to me too. After one hour of first use (Fanatec recommended GT7 settings and boost kit), disconnected from PS5 and burned out with little smoke and burnt smell. I immediately opened a support ticket. I've received a return post ticket today. Two days after I gave support ticket, not too bad, still a frustrating incident.

  • they highest enemy at they own products seems to be when user turns steering wheel left to right or right to left.

    at that moment when user does this , volts hit a point when they could burn out something in they voltage defense system.

    i talk about volts what may hit to 40v and higher.

    by default what i see, that they need redesign that part.

    in lucky scenario they product would run just fine but its more like gamble in casino, you win you lose

  • Same happened to me after receiving the wheel base last Friday. I couldn't open a support ticket because I cannot add my S/N to my products, keeping telling me the article not found. So I applied for return. Let's see how long it takes for Fanatec to respond…

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