CSL DD Firmware issues

Hello dear Fanatec enthusiasts. 

I have a big problem. 

I got my new setup and have problems with the firmware. When updating, a window with an error message appeared. I followed the instructions. Now I can't race because after a few turns the steering wheel adjusts again. Sometimes up to 127 degrees, or rotates until stop. Can I somehow repair the firmware again? I am grateful for any help.

I use a translater and I don’t know to find the right thread . I’m sorry


  • to you calibrate your steering wheel after you update the firmware

  • The firmware seems to be the problem, the ffb is cancelled, the steering automatically adjusts while driving. I calibrated everything beforehand. I can't drive a lap properly. It can't be that

  • it would be helpful to know what error message you received.

    At first glance it sounds like you are in an automatic mode, did you configure everything manually and also set the steering angle correctly for your game? is the dynamic FFB activated? 

    Are you using Fanalab and if so what version?

  • I don’t remember jet , what error. It was one time by first install. I don’t understand the automatic mode, where can I see it? I have fanlab , I mean 1.99 something. I don't know my way around. In acc I have the same configuration as in the Fanatec application.

  • It was an error by first try to make the firmware update. It told me, I had to turn off the device and start new and try again. The exactly words I didn’t remember. I’m sorry

  • It works, I was an idiot. Wrong settings in game. Thread can be closed.

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