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Ordered on the 7th of September... Says completely shipped however no further updates. Anyone from the uk and ordered round this time, and gotten any responses?


  • i ordered on 28th august and no updates at all. tried calling and email but nothing back

  • Ordered 29 august, got tracking number 13 september and then the best company in the world UPS... sends my parcel from Germany to Denmark to Järfälla in Sweden 1h from me but then the parcel going back to denmark and then back to sweden again and now its in malmö (Sweden) 7h from me... been there since 14 september...

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    Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay and that you’re still waiting for your order to be delivered. You’ll receive an email notification alongside tracking information from the shipping provider that will also be put in your customer account on our website once your order is ready to be shipped. Please currently ignore the “completely shipped” status. We are aware that response times of our Customer Care team are currently taking up longer than usual due to these logistical delays. We’re working intensively with our logistics partner to process the delivery of your orders as quickly as possible.

    Your Fanatec Team

  • I ordered on 12sept, but tull now any shipment confirmation or news.

    I sent 2 msg to customer service but never get reply.

    I want to cancel order but i dont know how to do.

    Anyone can help me to do it?


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    Hello, if you're a european customer, the consumer law say : fanatec have 30 days to delivered your command , this 30 days of delay begin at the moment they take your money, In my case , they take my money in 21th august and they have to deliver my command until the 21th september , after this time limit, you can choose an other date of your choice (for example (1 week later) , if you always don't have your command at this 2nd date limit, You have to send an acknowledgement of receipt for cancelling your order to ENDOR AG, E-ON-Allee 3, 84036 Landshut, GERMANY. After that, FANATEC have 14 days to refund your money after the reception of your letter.

    If after theses 14 days you don't have your money, FANATEC will pay to you surcharges.

    I hope this will help you and other who want to cancel their order.

    For information: (their problems of logistics and new deposit, etc... are not valid argument in consumer laws ) for the delivery time.

  • I ordered it on September 12th, and there is no news yet. I tried to check it using the order number they said, but still can't find it.👿

  • Pre-Ordered 7th September no tracking number. Then, T/N arrived today and delivery has been returned back to Hamburg for some unknown reason. I've contacted UPS, they confirmed it's been returned to Hamburg today, and not by me! ☹️

    What do I need to do to resolve issue? Please help!

  • Got some Updates! Wrong F***ing postal code from Retardtec..... and now UPShit lost my parcel... what to do now? no answere from Retardtec

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