Problems with FFB on CSL BMW Steering Wheel and CSL ELITE V1.1


I had my F1 wheel for quite some time but wanted another wheel for drifting and rallying. Now here we are. I bought the CSL BMW Steering Wheel.

First impressions were good, I like it a lot in itself.

Just something is too off for me... I can't get the Forcefeedback quite right. I tried everything.

The steering just feels so... weird. Or lets say its more like unpredictable. It doesn't feel quite realistic and it oversteers itself very quickly.. At least sometimes. If setting it lower, it will be too low for some scenarios and the problem only gets bigger when I let go of the wheel as a whole. Then oscillation starts and I loose any kind of control. That probably happens because of the weight transfer which is also very normal I think. Though, in initial rotation, the wheel behaves firstly a bit slow and then too quick to catch normally. It just doesn't feel very real and direct. More like abnormal and unpredictable as I said...

Does anyone have the same problems? Or had?

Perhaps maybe giving me the settings ingame and for the wheel?



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