Will Fanatec sell the podium hub with qr2?

Will Fanatec ever sell the podium hub with the qr2 quick release and if so how long until that will come out?


  • Yes they will. Because in the future nothing will be sold anymore with QR1. So at one point it will get it by default.

    Although with Fanatec you never know how long that will take.

  • But don't think that you will save money with the bundle. Each steering wheel has undergone a price reduction of between €30 and €50 with the free QR1 option. At the moment of purchase you can choose the QR2 by adding €100.

    For the Podium Hub this choice is not available, but it has undergone a price reduction of €50, so nothing changes, you will just have to purchase the two products separately. I doubt that when the transition to QR2 is completed the price will return to €200. QR2 actually seems more expensive to produce than QR1. €250 for Podium Hub + QR2 could be the new price in the future too.

    Evaluate your options carefully, you would also have a new QR1 to resell on the used market. QR1 can still be a great choice for CSL DD owners who want to upgrade the QR1lite.

  • And we all know how good Fanatec are at estimating time scales... normally years behind their estimates. See QR 2 launch, rally module and Bentley wheel for evidence.

  • Joel BarsottiJoel Barsotti Member
    edited October 2023

    I forgot about the rally module.

    I do wonder if they possibly learned their lesson, I've seen very few new products announced, yet products seem to show up.

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