Has any BMW M4 GT3 Owners received thier paid for QR2 yet?

I did the math, 15 invoices totaling $7,409.26 spent on Fanatec 2015-2023

I'm not sure I can spend another dime now.

Something MUST CHANGE Fanatec. Please, I DO NOT WANT to see you go under, FIX YOUR LEGISTICS!

Paid for something over a year ago, it should be here NOW, I now have a purchased QR2 Bundle that DID come and NOTHING with why I don't have by QR2 PRO paid for by M4 purchase a YEAR AGO...I have lost all patience.

I use two wheels daily, so I have $350 MORE dollars spent and have to wait because I can't change base side yet.

Paid for IN FULL for the M4 and received 6 months later.

NO QR2 now.

Maruice, DO NOT TELL ME AGIAN I GOT A NEWS LETTER, I and many others have NOT.

Feel like I'm getting smacked around and must obey.

Yes, have always been a subscriber to news letter forever.

Yes I have been a HUGE Fanatec Fanboy and maybe have at least sent 3 buyers over the years.



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    No BMW M4 GT3 wheel buyer got the QR2 Pro yet, no.

    Newsletter (which I understand you did not got) says that every owner will get an update by the end of this week. We only have started this week (with a holidays today in Germany and a typical off-day yesterday).

    When they did not provided you with an update by the END of this week, which they promised, THEN you have reason to complain. Otherwise they are well within their given timeframe and nobody should complain yet.

    And btw, I am personally affected as well as I bought the BMW M4 GT3 wheel and also did not received the QR2 Pro yet. But I understand that it might be a huge effort to send out hundreds of QR2 at the same time and I therefore respect their given timeframe.

  • Thanks Maruice,

    May I ask, do you work for Fanatec? I will wait to see what happens EOW, but to say I have no reason to complain? The only way that stands true is to see all the others, and what they are going through. The communications and logistics on all this is embarrassing. No offence Maurice, I appreciate the reply. Things need to improve with communications. YOU are the only one that has communicated anything to me.

  • I can understand your frustration as you did not got the newsletter mail so you basically did not received any kind of official information. The lack of communication is indeed something which you have every right for to complain about.

    Lets see what happened by the end of this week if we two got our QR2 Pro units sent or not and if not, if something gets communicated.

  • BTW Maurice does not work for or speak for Fanatec. He should stop pretending he does as it is not helpful.

  • I am not pretending anything. Re-read (and try to understand) what I wrote.

  • I understand perfectly Maurice. You were asked outright above whether you worked for Fanatec and you didn't directly answer. Instead you were telling people what aspects of Fanatec's poor service they are entitled to complain about. That is not your call to make as you don't speak for Fanatec as you are not an employee. You should stop presenting as one as it causes confusion.

    BTW - pretending to work for this bunch of incompetents is a weird flex. You should stop it.

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    Well.. Surprise surprise then... I actually DO work for Fanatec, however, I am not a spokesman for them.

    But I dont "flex" with this, therefore I left it unanswered as my replies in this forum are my personal opinion which does not reflect anything official from Fanatec. And OP appreciated my answer.

  • In a bit of defense for Maurice, he has been the ONLY correspondence I have received from Fanatec in any form regarding the QR2, official or not. This however, is a big criticism of Fanatec Corporate.

  • Congratulations on the new job. :-)

    Must be a newish thing as I remember you reasonably recently claiming the opposite, here as an old example, sure you have said the same more recently but the poor search hinders my efforts to find it- https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/22708/podium-button-endurance-on-csl-elite

    "Maurice Böschen MemberJuly 2021

    I have no idea as I dont work for Fanatec so I dont have more inside Information than you."

    Explains why you are so defensive, out of curiosity, what is your new role?

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    "what is your new role?" -> Product Tester (aka Betatester). And yes, relatively new since July 2022. However, it's not my Main Job though, only my secondary Job in my free time.

    So my words are non official for anything other than FanaLab and driver related topics where I sometimes indeed speak for Fanatec and for the Devs as that's part of my job for these topics (eg ask people for a detailed issue report and to upload Log files to send them to the Devs etc). So in this case in this thread I am posting as a regular customer who is also affected by the not-yet-sent QR2 Pro for a regularly bought BMW M4 GT3 steering wheel without any inisder information.

  • I found this thread by chance, I have not received any info regarding the timeframe of EOW. I will wait but still does not look good for a product payed more than a year ago.

    it should have been transparent and much more proactive action from their side. They have had all the time they needed to release this product (“when it’s ready”) so I will have considered including the M4 GT3 owners first to the public release or at least on par.

  • That's true. But I do find some of the things he says difficult to get behind. Not that long ago I mentioned that I didn't buy the M4 wheel as I refused to pay for products where their was no timeline for delivery. Maurice's argument is that you didn't buy the QR2 with the wheel - instead he believes that it is a free gift from Fanatec! Doesn't make a lot of sense but it would explain the relaxed attitude to fulfilling the obligation.

    M4 GT3 QR2 Ever Happening? — Fanatec Forum

  • I love Maurice's profiles and what he does for us as a beta tester and if I may "community advocate" but saying that we bought the M4 rim without the QR2 is something that does not make anysense. I do not remember if it was stated that QR2 will come with the rim since day 0 or it was something they added afterwards as a compensation for the delay but a product I have paid on 20 Dec 2021 17:31:00, any gifts or compensation should have been taken as a priority.

  • This is exactly what got my goat on all this and was close to if not at the last straw with Fanatec, no priority and no communication, at least to me...I paid for this and yes, said included in price when I purchased. Just FYI, I asked Maurice is he was employed by Fanatec as he is the only person that tries to help, sometime blunt but he has more patience that me, He needs help!

  • The solution was quite simple: fanatec should have sent the qr2 pro to all buyers of the bmw steering wheel BEFORE putting them on sale to the public. Period.

  • But that doesn't help their cash flow...this all seems a little slimy.

  • I tried to contact Fanatec as soon as I placed the order for the QR2 (DD2) but I definitely failed miserably. I haven't received the informative email Fanatec apparently sent to M4 GT3 wheel buyers either. I really hope we get the QR2 next week or at least an email this week informing about what it is going on...

  • The failure is DEFINITELY in communication, and with that...leaves them open to distrust. Was a HUGE fanboy...today actually am looking at other options, but I'm really kind of stuck now with Fanatec...what a shame, it's really so disappointing to me to feel this way.

    There should be something on their landing page explaining everything going on. They sure were able to inform us that the COV was to blame for everything. If something has not gone as planned, COMMUNICATE. Dang in Fanatec :(

  • They did send an email saying we'd hear about it this week. But we are now down to friday in europe to hear something on the timeline they promised.

    I've got one QR2 + the base side installed already, and another QR2 in the mail for one of my 3 wheels. I don't understand why they didn't get it to their premier customers. Feels like a real PR miss.

  • Add me to the list, nether got the newsletter and have tried to contact them couple of times and no reply so far. Hopefully Fanatec didn't forget about the early adopters (bought it when it first became available). The communication from Fanatec can definitely use some improvement.

  • We are "promised" by the end of this week, to let us know what's going on. Not holding my breath. Purchased the QR2 Bundle and received it Monday. WTH, why didn't all of the Podium BMW M4 GT3 Wheel owners not receive their paid for back ordered product first? "Cash Flow"

  • Simple answer would cash flow as mentioned. Basically Fanatec chooses to prioritize current paying customers, anyone that bought GT3 wheel waiting for QR2 was already recognized revenue. Now if a company truly cares about community reputation then they would prioritize loyal customers first but we know this isn't the case here.

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    Ideally we would've gotten our fedex tracking numbers before the website page went up.

    That would've created some good vibes.

    Or they could've emailed us a code to use when purchasing the m-type wheelside to redeem a free QR2. So many ways to get this right. It sucks they got it wrong.

  • That's a rude word in the Fanatec world. Fanatec do things their way and customers are expected to simply suck it up without complaint.

    How To Ruin a Promising Business For Dummies by T. Jackermeier

  • Nothing STILL regarding customers with back orders over a year old. Maurice said I now have the right to complain, he’s been silent. Come on Maurice, you too said you have not got yours, what’s up? Is it new revenue over old? Is that how it works? “‘F’ These People”. What else can we think anymore,.

  • What should I write? I also still did not got my QR2 Pro Wheel-Side Adapter and yes, I am also extremely worried about the complete lack of communication (as I also did not got ANY new information) and I also told this to the team internally. This is simply unacceptable. But there is no need for me to raise my voice here in the forums.

  • Not asking to raise your voice here. Asking to raise your voice with those that can get us the information we deserve.

  • Any updates? I really don't know where to ask for more information on this anymore. The forums been a bit messy on this and I haven't received any more information for product support, though I have sent follow ups looking for more information.

    In the US the QR2 Pro is in stock: https://fanatec.com/us-en/detail/index/sArticle/1874 So I am feeling pretty confused at this point.

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