Forza Motorsport (2023) no led on wheel rim

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2.5 base with porsche 918 rim no led shift lights? Do i need to turn something on in game or seperate program?

On PC thru steam.


  • I just came to post the same thing.

    No REV on DD1 with CS RS wheel. I haven't tried swapping wheels yet.

    My friends DD Pro with F1 wheel is working.

    There is something going on with specific wheels and REV's but the googles info is a bit spotty still.

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    Thanks for info i can try to swap out for my Clubsport Formula rim see if it works with that can eliminate it being something with base.

    Could be something specific to the base as either rim i have show shift lights but they both do show gears on display.

  • Have you tried changing the telemetry settings in the game? try changing the format.

  • Have not tried that not even sure what they should be at for others. Did not know they had to be set to anything to work.

    What settings do u use?

  • it's funny because i have the exact opposite issue for me, the LED's on my Porsche 911 wheel are on, even if I quit the game, and don't seem properly synced up with the Revs. This is a reported issue so on Forza forums. I recommend voting for it to increase its visibility

  • you have problems but have not tried anything to solve the problem?

    I would first look at the settings in the game to see if there is anything to configure at all

  • It's a known bug it's on there list of thing to fix it on forza known issus page

  • LED's on my Formula V2.5X connected to DD Pro base work on PC.

  • DD pro / PC / though Xbox game pass

    GT Wheel (the one included in bundle for PS) - RPM LEDs don't work at all

    Universal Hub V2 for Xbox/PC, with Endurance Module on Porsche GT3 Wheel - RPM LEDs work, but are not synced properly. Gear Indicator only shows "n". None of the flag LEDs work.

    FM7 worked with no changes.

  • I'm not going to lie. I read "most" of the mid Nov update, unfortunately, I don't remember seeing 😅

    But honestly, I truly hope they fix the Rev light strip.

    On my CSL p1 V2, the gears read out fine but no N in between shifts like AC, ACC and Rf2. The Rev strip stays yellow. On my CS F1 I just get gear position with the N in between shifts but no Rev lights. I am fairly new to Fanatec, I started using thier Lab but I have no idea how to add FM correctly 😅

    I truly hope they fix A LOT of stuff with this upcoming update because I do like FM and I run it with my cousin a lot.

  • Same issue here. I know it is listed as a FM8 known issue but I wanted to list my hardware in case that helps expedite a solution. No rev lights illuminate while playing the game and all lights function properly when tested with Fanatec software.

    FM8 on Windows 10

    Fanatec CSL DD

    Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel RS

  • The same here, a half month passed and we still having th same issue... do you pretend to solve it Fanatec?? We trusted in you... but no answers...🙁

  • First of all the issue still persists. But I think it might be FM only issue… In FH5 RPM led works ok. I haven’t tested any other game yet.

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