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Hello everyone,

 Having just received my GT DD pro on Friday 6/10, I was able to play GT7 3 times completely normally (I play on PS5)

 On the 4th time, the steering wheel glitched on the GRID games. Initially the base button flashed blue and the back of my abse was very hot (I was advised to put the steering wheel axle back in and tighten it, which I did).

 Since then, the base has always been broken. The base button when turned on flashes in all colors and the back of the base heats up a lot with this hot smell. After a minute, the button turns off and cannot be turned back on.

 Am a little disconcerted for equipment costing €800 and which is barely 24 hours old and is already in default.

 Thanks for your help


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  • Hi. Tanks. I have modified m'y fiesta post normaly

  • Immediately stop using it and contact the support.

  • OK thanks. On the other hand, I cannot register my base on the Fanatec site and therefore contact support. When I enter the serial number, the Fanatec site says 'item not found'

  • Hello

    I have buy my GT DD pro 8NM

    2october and i have exactly thé same problem

    And same problem for thé S/N number

    I'm very desapointed

  • Hello,

    I have the impression that we are dealing with a bad series because there are several of us in the same situation on a French Fanatec forum. 

    Mine went to after-sales service on 10/19 and I just received it repaired today.

    However, upon receipt now, it is the speed LEDs and the gear paddles that no longer work 🤬

    I find it totally abnormal given Fanatec's premium brand and the very high prices we pay 😕

  • for 600 euros you have a repaired base this is not my idea of ​​German quality

    for my part I never managed to enter the serial number I filed a ticket as best I could but no news

    I'm totally disillusioned

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