Xbox Version DD1/DD2 Settings

Since I haven’t saw any good settings online yet I spent yesterday getting the game to feel good on my DD2. This is a good starting point and for me and much better than the original game settings. Still tweaking this a bit but this is where I’m at right now.

Forza Motorsport Xbox

Fanatec DD1/DD2 Settings

SEN auto

FF 30-50 depending on your wheelbase


NDP 18




FEI 100

BLI 50




Game Settings: 

(Sim Steering)

Vibration Scale 75

Force Feedback Scale 110

Steering Self Alignment 100

Mechanical Trail Scale 150

Pneumatic Trail Scale 105

Road Feel Scale 120

Load Sensitivity 50

Wheel Damper Scale 65 (adjust as low as you can without getting oscillation)

Center Spring Scale 65

Dynamic Damper Behavior 100

Steering Sensitivity 50

Steering Linearity 50


  • Forgot to include that I’m using these settings on a formula V2.5X rim and Clubsport V3 pedals with the performance kit and stiffest elastomers. Haven’t tried my McLaren Rim or Forza Rim or 330 Fanatec round rim yet.

  • I must say you are the one Mikey! Thank you very much for your work, the result is near the perfection, smoothy and very detailed. it's already very hard to find setups for the DD1 and SeriesX combination. I ended up developing my own setup inspired by different tests. I was quite satisfied and stopped trying the others, each time I was disappointed. Your setup made me curious because a lot of in game and wheel parameters were like mine.

    Your setup immediately seemed much better than anything I had been able to obtain so far. I spent 2-3 evenings trying it out, changing a few details one by one but each time I found yours exactly. I tried with fwd, rwd, awd, vintage or modern vehicules, essentially production vehicles for the career, I have not yet tried racing cars except prototypes. Just adjust the individual ffb value in each car setup, that's all, your setup do the rest. You've got it man, thanks for sharing it!!!

    The only two details I didn't apply like you is "road feel scale" that I put at 180-185, instead of 120 for you. And, the "ffb scale", how the hell can you hold your steering wheel with 110 !? I put it at 42 in game. But every setting are exactely like you.

    (sorry for my english i'm french)

    Thanks a lot!!!

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