Any recommended wheel settings for PS5 after 1.9.X patch

I was looking for wheel settings for the PS5 and it appears all other consoles/PC have recommended settings but the PS5 for ACC.

I was thinking of using the recommended PS4 settings and noticed after the 1.9.X patch, game developers have added extra in game settings.

Does anyone or Fanatec have a base settings for the PS5 with the Podium F1/DD1 wheel?

If anyone want to add for the DD GT Pro, please do so for the DD GT Pro owners out there.


  • Hi, I'd also like to have wheel settings for the Podium DD1 for the ACC game on PS5. Since switching from PS4 to PS5, I've been struggling to get back into good feelings with force feedback. If Fanatec can provide a basic setup, I'm all for it

  • please???

  • Try these for DD Pro but remember to put SEN to 1080 and 1080 in game as well and adjust NDP up or down until the dreaded oscillations are subdued. These were posted by Digit Gaming on YouTube and actually suggested for GT7 where he also explains well what each setting does. I tried these for ACC and I thought they felt quite good.

  • These are my DD Pro settings for ACC on PS5. In game I use Gain 70, Min Force 0, Dyn Damp 100, Road Effects 0 and set steer lock to match the car I'm driving.

    FFB 100


    NDP 5

    NFR 20

    NIN 5

    INT 3

    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 30

    DPR 100

  • I find brutal oscillations with these settings. I feel the signal is clearer with those gt7 settings. I also pit road effects to 20% it’s fake but nice to feel the granularity of the road with those on. I still feel the quest to find perfect ffb for acc is not over.

  • Pretty sure that's caused by the SEN setting on the wheel not matching the in game steer lock. I use 800 on both the wheel and in ACC. I have to wrestle the wheel a bit but that's how I like it and not caused by oscillation. Change that and give them another try

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