Setting CSL elite for motorsport 8

hello everyone,

I would like to know if anyone has settings for forza motorsport 8 volante csl elite. both with regard to the steering wheel setting and in game



  • I'm using the XBOX FM7 settings, with the force feedback cranked down a tad because I felt as if it was a bit much for the wheel to handle.

  • My Wheel settings are almost stock

    Sens Auto (1080)

    FFB 100

    Dri -2

    Fei 90

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    bli OFF

    brf 90

    In game I have:-

    Make sure there is no dead zone set for the Wheel Inside (set to 0) or Outside (set to 100)

    Vibr Scale 40

    FFb Scale 100 (adjust per car in tune settings)

    Steering Self Alignment 100

    Mech Trail Scale 30

    Pneumatic Trail Scale 100

    Road Feel Sacle 100

    Load Sensitivity 100

    Wheel Damping Scale 20 (Go too high with this and I lose all feel)

    Center Spring Scale 100 (still tweaking this)

    Dynamic Damper Behavoiur 50

    Steering Sens 50 (do not adjust if using a wheel)

    Steering Linearity 50 (do not adjust if using a wheel)

    Use Gamepad Steering Filters OFF

    If you make any improvements please share them here and I will try them out.

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