Unable to instantiate the payment screen. UNABLE TO PLACE ORDER 2 WEEKS NOW!

I've been trying every day, multiple times a day for 2 weeks to place a simple online order and always receive this message:

Unable to instantiate the payment screen.

I've purchased from Fanatec before, so I'm not new to the company. I'm trying to use PayPal as the payment option and when I click Checkout, it gives me that error message every time.

I've sent in two support tickets on this, and no reply.

I've tried the chat function and no agents available.

Starting to think if I can't place a simple order what's going to happen when I need technical support or have a warranty issue???



  • it’s good that you can’t buy it because they got big delays with shipping, there are guys who wait one month to get their goods shipped and support don’t answer to the phone or emails.

  • Can confirm, I am one of those guys - only it's 1.5 months now.

  • I am now at a staggering 32 Business days without the delivery of my order !!!! Switzerland (Not Qr2) CSL DD Bundle and wheels.

    And guess what. Fanatec never contacted me nor replies to my emails....

  • Same situation unfortunately. Hope this is not a scam.

    I will contact my bank on Monday to charge back or to make a dispute with Fanatec.

  • It's bordering on scamming, let's be clear. In the sense that it can be called an unfair business practice. Fanatec holds your money for more than a month, and prevents you from canceling your order by entering a "fully shipped" status. Fanatec has a very high sales volume, in a month the interests become high. So Fanatec is hurting you and making money while doing so.

    And this incorrect practice is being implemented not only in Europe, but now also in Australia. It is difficult to think that this is simple incompetence, but at this point there could be a truly incorrect strategy in place.

    Will you get your products in the end? Yes, probably yes. What you should be thinking is, "if and when I need assistance, will I get it from Fanatec?".

  • you Are absolutely correct. The only thing why I bought Fanatec instead of moza was ups fast delivery which is 100€ and it’s crazy.

    no progress at all and i will try all my best to get dispute or charge back my money from them threw my bank

  • Well, I just tried again this morning to checkout using the Paypal option and still no luck. Same error message: "Unable to instantiate the payment screen". I tried throughout the day yesterday, probably about 5 times and same thing. This is ridiculous! You'd think as a business, if you hear that customers are not able to complete the checkout process you'd make it a high priority to fix the problem because you're LOSING SALES!

    Does anyone who works for Fanatec monitor their forum and the posts?? If so, can I please get a response or at least assist me with placing my order?

  • I guess they don't want my money or business bad enough. No response to my support tickets. No response to this forum post. Still unable to place an order. Tried 10 times today and gave up. Don't know what else to do....

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    @Chris Russell - I think it's pretty clear what you should do. You said yourself, if you can't even place a simple order, what's going to happen when you need to contact them for support? 

    Sure Fanatec may eventually clear up this logistics mess that they're currently in. But this is just the latest excuse for their poor service and drawn-out response times. It is cyclical, and you can find reviews going back as far as 2012 commenting on how poor their customer service is... then it gets better... then it's terrible again, and on and on. 

    I believe that for most of the year, Fanatec have very few people on staff. There are no new product releases, things are calm, and customer service can be handled in an acceptable manner and reasonable amount of time. But then new products are released without a sufficient ramping up of staffing to handle the inevitable support requests, sales- and order-related questions (adding to the misery is their woefully outdated forum software, glitchy purchasing website, and questionable Quality Control practices), and the complaints and bad reviews come rolling in. Fanatec promise that they've learned their lesson and they've "made substantial changes" to prevent further such issues... until the next crisis and it happens all over again. 

    If you're "lucky" enough to order from them, or need support during one of the quiet times, Fanatec will likely respond to you very quickly and you'll have a generally favorable impression of them. If not, and you need them during one of their self-inflicted crisis periods, well... just look at the recent posts in this forum, or the litany of recent poor reviews on Trustpilot.

    I'm currently very happy with my CSL DD and McLaren GT3 v2 which I ordered back in 2021, but it's not been the easiest road getting to this point. I had to RMA my base twice, and then once I got one that functioned properly, I had to sort through some very annoying EMI issues. My personal experiences with Fanatec CS have ranged from them being very helpful to being downright stubborn and utterly infuriating to deal with. 

    I also have a set of rather old, but still functioning and very usable Clubsport V1 pedals. I know at some point, I'll want to upgrade them, or possibly get a round wheel of some sort to go along with the McLaren. I doubt very much that I'll be purchasing anything from Fanatec when that time comes.

  • I've ordered before from the site using Paypal, about a month ago and it worked. So something BROKE recently. Not sure if they're even aware of it? I just tried it again and still broken....

    After clicking on the green "Complete Payment" button, it refreshes and produces the above error "Unable to instantiate the payment screen." and just stops there. I've disabled all ad-blockers or anything that would potentially interfere. Used a different browser, tried incognito mode, cleared cookies and cache.... nothing works to get past it.

    Anyone from FANATEC here? Can anyone else replicate this issue to reassure me that it's not just me??

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    They won't fix it quickly. I have a credit card and Paypal. I placed 4 orders with Fanatec and each time something didn't work, and I used the other payment method.

    Use another payment method, however your orders will be blocked for a long time, do you know?

  • @alessandro Gortan - That's crazy!

  • I won't tell you how it should be, but how it is.

    If you are already inside the Fanatec ecosystem you should know that it is the worst company in the world. When people write on the internet that Fanatec is the worst company in the world, it doesn't mean that they are inefficient, but rather that nowhere on the globe is there a worse company.

    You can also see for yourself on this forum. Your message can be accepted or rejected without any logical sense. The functioning of Fanatec, as a company, is random. They don't solve it because they don't care, they have too many customers ready to buy anything from them, even now.

  • Also trying to place n order and it just takes me in circles, from cart > click "Complete Payment" > back to my account overview.

    Can't even input payment details.

    How is it this bad?

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