QR2 Installation Instructions

Just got an email that QR2 was available for order and immediately placed my order for a QR2 Pro bundle for my DD2. I downloaded the installation instructions and it all seems quite straightforward but the very last item I found -QUITE- surprising.

Install and remove a wheel-side hub 100 TIMES!!! Whhaaaattt???? WHY?


  • It means that you may clean the QR after 100x of removing the QR2.

  • They recommend cleaning the hub every 100 engagements...

  • Oh, Jeez... OK. I see.

    Pictures are fine but WORDS in addition would be very helpful.

    It does not even need to be English words, pick a language - ANY language. I know how to use Google Translate on my phone.

    A little text to go with the pictures would be nice.

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