QR2 bundle delivered to wrong address

Ordered the QR2 bundle back on 26th September as website said it's in stock!

I got email yesterday from UPS saying it's been delivered, but they delivered to Hamburg!

I live in the UK!

Also good luck on getting hold of any Fanatec agent. Tried live chat but always no one available, also the phone will put you through to automated message saying they have no agents available as they're all trying to catch up on the email back log.

Just how can a company run like this?


  • That does suck. In the US we have to sign for any Fanatec deliveries.

    If it's the same there, you might want to try to get in touch with the courier.

  • It's happened to loads of people, I ordered my QR2 bundle on the same day as you and it also got delivered to Hamburg yesterday. It seems to be a UPS depot so I'm guessing the customs paperwork is likely missing and it'll sit there until they return it to Fanatec...

    Waiting for a response from support but from what I seen that could take weeks.

  • Wow if this is true what a joke of a company Fanatec are.

  • Sounds more like it was returned to sender. Same happened to be due to incomplete export paperwork. Cant believe it’s still happening. Basically they’re not putting an invoice in a clear envelope on outside of box so import duty can be charged. At least that’s what I was told.

    nightmare continues.

    email fanatec and tell them you still want the item please can they reship. Process takes weeks.

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