QR1 vs QR2


I have enjoyed many hours of Fanatec products and have really enjoyed the move from belt driven to direct drive system. I am considering moving up to the ClubSport DD but that would involve the purchase of many QR2 wheel-side adapters at $100 per.

My gripe is the CS Formula Wheel I bought less than a year ago (which still sells with QR1 by the way) - shouldn't that have had an optional QR choice when I bought it? is the new standard that much better and is it worth another hundred out of my pocket? Seems a bit greedy to me.

While I am complaining ;) why wouldn't the Podium DD1 or CSL DD with 8Nm get the new force feedback upgrade? Forced obsolescence (pun intended)? Making the claim that those were from years of belt driven feedback seems a stretch to me - I call bull schlitz on that claim.

I do not make many posts, I respect the forum and have found so many helpful solutions here and thank the community in advance - mostly this post was for the Fanatec reps in here


  • Lots of complaints about the QR1 having slack tolerances leading to some being extremely tight and some being loose leading to noise and movement. The QR2 looks better designed and should fix that. It obviously comes at a cost for those wishing to changeover but the prices don't seem outrageous to me.

    Progress inevitably leads to older products becoming obsolete - that's just the way of the world. If you think the improvements warrant the expense you can pay to upgrade. If you don't you can choose not to.

    The CS DD will have a QR1 option at some stage but this will likely take a while - the fact that it is not available at product launch does not bode well given Fanatec's history of endless delay.

    The Full Force feature seems to me to be just as much of a gimmick as the vibrating steering wheels were - some may like it but my view is that this alone is not worth upgrading for.

    The CS DD looks like a much better option than the CSL DD which was very much a minimum viable product allowing Fanatec to meet a price point - so many compromises leading to so many issues. It may be cheap but you get what you pay for.

  • as owner for qr2 then i can say that it's way much better,

    not only you can replace steering wheels much faster with qr2

    it also have no flex.

    when comes to ClubSport DD, they are planning release also QR1 adapter for that, but this is not free either.

  • The buzzy feedback "full force" feature I think likely relies on hardware (or hardware specs) that is present in the CS DD, but not the podium or CSL DD. That said it's not that much different than the pager motors that are already present in some wheels.

    As for the Quick release, it wasn't ready a year ago, so selling it then doesn't make sense (just as the M4 GT3 wheel customers how they feel about it 2 years later).

    $99 per QR is a little expensive but not a bad price and the QR2 does feel much better imho, OTOH no one is making anyone upgrade. What is available now will continue to work into the future and new wheels should be compatible with the QR1 for a long time as well. I'm sure there will eventually be a time when QR1 is phased out completely, but it seems like it'll be far in the future. Interchangeable QRs are here to stay.

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