Still NOTHING regarding my QR2 "included" with my BMW M4 GT3 Wheel purchase, is there any help?

Am I the only one left?

I received no original email, nothing the week they promised to tell us something.

The only thing that did happen was I am receiving my newly ordered QR2 Standard wheelside early. Was available Oct 20, will receive tomorrow.

I can't contact support as I already did three weeks ago with no reply. Am I SOL here?


  • I just received mine this past Monday so you aren't completely out there :) Unfortunately I didn't realize that the DD2 base side was not a part of the deal ( which I should have known) and didn't order it so the wheel side won't do me much good until I can get one! Ordered yesterday and will probably get it in early Nov. since that is when the wheel side connectors for my other wheels will be available. My regular QR works fine so I can wait a bit longer. Hope you get it soon.

  • I have still received nothing regarding this, not the original email, nothing, and of course they are not responding to my ticket I sent in.

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