I will give credit where credit is due, will also criticize where due as well

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QR2 is incredible engineering! Absolutely amazing.

Installation of wheel side and base side is simple and easy. Not a fan of installation pictures only but well done as well.

How does it feel? AMAZING ROCK SOLID and quick easy release. Why I am/was a HUGE FANATEC FAN BOY.

However, could I recommend Fanatec to friends and family now? I’m split on that. I have received NO information regarding my paid for QR2 Pro…still waiting and NOTHING from them, NOTHING from Maurice, nothing…

All the issues I see going on with shipping and fulfillment? Geesh, they should be updated constantly.

FANATEC Sponsorships everywhere, but how they have been treating customers as of late, well…I’ve never seen anything like it.

I had to purchase an extra wheel side just so I could finally use what I’ve been looking for, for over a year. I did NOT complain about it taking so long because I wanted them to get it right…they did.

I expected those of us that have ALREADY paid for it, to be at the front to receive it. No, this would not generate new revenue, why would the they want to do that.

FANATEC, PLEASE…fix your customer service, make up for what you have done wrong…admit you have totally screwed the pooch and want to make things right, some way, even is a small gesture of good faith.

Get more moderators that can answer questions regarding what is going on with issues.

You all have always been an awesome customer service company until COVID, then it all went to crap. Why?


  • I agree with a lot of what you're saying:

    QR2 is great. I can now go Rally to GT in seconds. I do wish they'd also gone pinless, and it scares me to look at how it works, but somehow that shape just works. I keep finding myself reaching to tighten the old DD1 Nut and it's gone! But it is great.

    But as far as communication both from support and on this forum, things are messy and some more communication would do a lot for customers.

    At this point i am in the ecosystem, but honestly if i knew then... what i know now? with all the other options? I may have chosen differently.

    Still... There's some excitement going on with the QR2 and the Clubsport DD. If they follow up with some peripherals like they had intended with the DD1 it could be awesome. Fingers Crossed.

  • “At this point i am in the ecosystem, but honestly if i knew then... what i know now? with all the other options? I may have chosen differently.”

    And that is a damn shame :(. Exactly how I feel as well.

  • Ohthreeemthree,

    What’s with all threes? :D

    I agree, if I had a missing want, it would be some tactile feeling of it being in and locked…but right now, that’s all I can think of, and I feel like I can drive the car further on the edge, outside the edge even now…for sure feels very good on my DD1

  • I have been toying with the idea of upgrading my DD to the new QR2 as I have the QRLite on my Mclaren GT2 V2 and QR1 on my Clubsport Universal Hub V2 for my Rally Wheel. I'm struggling with the idea of just buying another QR1 (considering the price is only $49) vs upgrading the DD and 2 wheels to the new QR2 system ($259 to fully upgrade all 3 items)

  • Yeah, it’s quite the decision, I can’t only say what I have, it’s quite noticeable difference and also I might change my wheel 3 or 4 times in one sitting, loving that. Big chunk of money though :(

  • So I just upgraded and it cost me $400. 1 QR2 Pro Bundle, 1 QR2 Standard, and a free QR2 from a wheel i purchased last year. And...

    QR2 is SO GOOD! Previously I would either drive road cars on a single day OR i would drive GT. Now i just swap them whenever. It sounds silly, but it's true.


    Then they announced the Clubsport DD two weeks later with really good slew rate and what looks to be a great shaft design. Which actually would save me the QR2 Base Side. Then I could have upgraded a wheel side and done more throughout the year. So im a bit bummed they didn't announce them at the same time.

  • Yeah they are very scarce about their announcements ... i have made some purchases over the years and within weeks/months an updated version was announced. I have the 8NM and that is more than sufficient enough for me so no need to sell and spend money on one of the newer DD's.

    I really think i am just going to upgrade the QRLite to the QR1 since it is only $49.... Maybe next year they will have bundles that might interest me.

  • It's a big upgrade over the QR1 Lite. You can add 3 to 5 turns of Teflon tape on the rear ring of the wheelbase hub. This will block QR1 completely. I have 2 wheels, which I replace several times a day easily and without problems. It is a modification that costs €1, and simulates the rubber ring of DD1 and DD2. Without this tape I have a lot of noise and movement of the wheels, very annoying while driving. Using this Teflon tape I don't need QR2, and aesthetically it's barely noticeable.

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