Funky switch not working FM (PC gamepass)

Hi guys, i've been searching for some info regarding the funky switch on my rims (formula v2.5 and clubsport RS).

As soon as i customize my controls, something you have to do if you want to race properly, my funky switch just stops working. You know the first time you launch the game it just loads up every default setting regardind your controller, so my funky switch works (it detects my wheel as it is, CSL DD), and as soon as i select my "csl dd formula" config and apply it...i lose my funky switch.

Every other button works just fine, is anyone else having this issue? What did i change in my game settings that i broke my funky switch haha

Thanks guys!

See you on any track, if matchmaking wants...


  • I'm also playing the PC Game Pass version, on a CSL DD / McLaren GT3 v2 combo. No problems with the funkyswitch that I've noticed. I'll see if I can check my settings tonight, see if I notice anything that might help.

  • Mate, thanks for the answer, did you find anything on your controller config?

    I think i'm going to try and reset all my config and configuring it's so weird what's happening to me.

    Again, thanks for your time Gregg!

  • Sorry, I haven't had time to check yet. The only change I know I made involving the funky switch was mapping Change Camera to turning the dial clockwise.

    I mapped Look Left/Right to the analog paddles, Pause to the Xbox button, and Pit Entry to the big P button. Other than that, I think I left everything else at default, and like I said, no problems (other than the known issue of having to re-select my custom layout every time I start the game).

    Hopefully redoing your configs from scratch will do the trick and get you going.

  • Sorry i couldn't answer sooner.

    As you said, redoing the configs from scratch solved it. I've not done something i've did in the first place last time. This time i did not set a name to my customized config, don't know if that could be the problem but, deleted both my configs, created it again, my funky is now working!

    Yesss, thanks for your help mate! Much appreciate it

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