(PC Game Pass) FM 2023 not showing as current status in Discord

As the title states, I'm running the PC Game Pass version of Forza Motorsport, and am running Discord in the background. I'd like to have Discord show "playing Forza Motorsport" as my current status, but for some reason I'm unable to do so.

I'm pretty sure I've got things set up correctly in terms of linking accounts and settings within Discord, as it works fine with other Game Pass titles like Starfield or Forza Horizon 5. I've also noticed that FM does not show up in the list of detected games when I look through the corresponding tab in the AMD Adrenalin software... I'm wondering if the two things are somehow related. It's like FM is installed, but other programs can't actually "see" it for some reason.

I tried reinstalling the game, and did a complete removal and reinstall of my AMD drivers, nothing changed.

I know this most likely has nothing to do with Fanatec or their products, but I already asked over on the Forza forums so I figured I'd try here too, just in case. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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