Articel not found - Can't register QR2 with serial number - No support

4 days after installing the new QR2 BS C (USB-C version), the clamp that holds the QR2 USB-C adapter on the motor shaft broke with a loud bang during racing. It was installed properly, with each of the two screws tightened evenly and to 8Nm torque with a torque wrench, exactly as described in the manual and Fanatec video.

Now I'm trying to get a replacement under warranty, but the system doesn't accept the serial number and says the item doesn't exist...thus getting no support.

A week ago, I sent an email to Fanatec about this. I received an automatic response that they will contact me in 2-3 business days. Of course, that didn't happen.

After the delay in shipping, this is extremely annoying again, and I'm slowly thinking about whether Fanatec is really my first choice.



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