Fanatec Affiliate not available in some countries?

Hi, I am trying to register for the Fanatec affiliate program. My website has auidence from US, Canada and Australia. Although I live in India.

When I try to fill the affiliate form, India is not available in the Country section in the form. Does this mean that I cannot register for Fanatec affiliate from India?

I have registered for several other affiliate programs but didn't face anything like this. As my auidence is from the US and I have a paypal account that can receive payments in usd, I can't understand why India isn't available.

Please guide me how to go about this.



  • I guess you have to contact them through mail mate.

    On the eu and us site, that just checked, for the contact forms is not asking for country unless I am missing something.

    Don't think they will reply you over here.

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