Force feedback bug (wheel that locks to the left or right randomly)

Hi, first, sorry for my english, im a french guy.

I have a massive problem with my wheel base Club Sport V2.5.

I was on Asseto Corsa Competizione (but i also have this problem in F1 22) and suddendly i lost the control of my wheel. She got stuck in rotation. It remains stuck on the right or left and and even if i bring it back, it return to its position (full left or right). And when my wheel is stuck, my game freeze, i turn off my base, and the game shuts down.

Also, sometimes, i loose my force feedback, and when i don't have force feeback, this wheel bug no appears.

All my drivers is up to date, i uninstalled and reinstalled all my games and fanatec softwares, and i have this problem with all my wheels. I have tried everything that i could.

And as i write these lines, i have another problem, my accelerator (fanatec too) start to vibrate on its own even when a not racing.

If anyone have an idea, im desperate

Thank you a lot

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