CSL Elite Wheel Base + & Club Sport Steering Wheel Formula V2 - Update dosnt work

Hello, I have a question.
I'm new here and don't know if I'm doing this correctly here in the forum.
I installed the new driver 451 and now I can't install the update in the fanatac 
control app (firmware) to the steering wheel and pedals, 
I always get an error message - look at the picture. I installed it on the PC with Windows 10 
and play with the PS5. 
The steering wheel could no longer be set to 0 position and that's why the update! Now I have 
the new driver on it but the steering wheel doesn't work without the firmware, do you have any ideas?
Thank you in advance for your help.


  • im having that same problem. i even bought a new wheel from you guys and it didnt help the problem. im running out of patience.

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