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Using settings similar to what I used for DR 2.0, but changed a few things based on some settings I found online for DR2.0 that I also wanted to try...then adjusted for taste. YMMV of course, but this feels pretty good to me. Only tested on gravel so far, will update if I feel any changes need to be made for other surface types.

(edit - Settings listed are for PC/Steam - YMMV for other platforms)

SEN 360 (I use the McLaren wheel so anything much higher becomes difficult to get a quick response)

FF 100


DPR 20




FEI 100

FOR 100


DPR 100

In-game settings:

Self-Aligning Torque 65

Wheel Friction 33

Tyre Friction 66

Suspension 70

Tyre Slip 100

Engine 100

Collision 50

Soft Lock 65

Steering Centre Force ON

Steering Centre Force Scale 50

(Also, FWIW...why the heck can't we make new discussion threads in the WRC section of this forum? Would make a lot more sense for this thread to be there, instead of being lumped into "Other Racing Games"!)


  • PC?

    Little bit later today would need PS5-version's settings. Of oourse can try these and others made for different platforms. Is there already knowledge if "aut" from base give correct/real world wheel rotations for different cars?

  • Just popping in here to say thanks, these settings feel great for me. Im useless at knowing what setting changes what. Have you changed anything since?

  • Glad you like them. I haven't actually played since I posted last, so no time to change anything yet. I'm debating whether I want to lower FEI on the wheelbase a bit (maybe to like 90 or 80), since things can get rather noisy when getting sideways and the wheels are struggling for grip. I think that should smooth out the jolts a bit and make some of the rattles feel a bit less spikey. (I use a QR1 Lite with my setup, which is certainly not the best for this type of game due to FFB that's much more active and prone to sudden spikes and jolts as opposed to the relative smoothness of say circuit racing.) I'm curious to see what tarmac feels like...I've only done one of the rally school intro stages so far, so not enough yet to make any kind of a valid judgment call.

  • Yeah i was thinking the same, or take the leap and upgrade the QR

  • Finally good on asphalt. Compared to DR2.0 a notable improvement. However I hear little dirty, low resolution inputs that I can't understand and they ruin the experience. It's like having a few pebbles directly in the steering rack, rather than on the road. INT better than FEI seems to correct it. To study a bit.

  • I've done some more testing with these settings and though I like how they feel on gravel and snow, on tarmac the wheel feels much too heavy and overdamped. I thought about making and using separate profiles per surface type, but I don't really think that's a good long-term solution.

    I've started testing these settings posted by Rally Technical, and things feel much better on tarmac. However I feel like it's still missing a bit of detail, and I think things overall feel a little bit light on gravel and snow. They're definitely a good starting point though. I'll keep testing and will post my updated settings when I find something I'm comfortable with.

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    In practice they lowered tyre friction a lot, almost to zero. Keep in mind that in reality what you feel on the steering wheel is precisely the grip of the front wheels on the asphalt. That setting should be the most important of all for communicating the car's behavior. Between the various tests I lowered that value to zero, and I was right on the asphalt, it seemed terrible to me, I couldn't direct the car correctly.

  • I think you're right. Lowering tyre friction seems to have helped the excessively heavy, overdamped feel on tarmac, but I think setting it as low as shown in that video is a bit too far and now it doesn't communicate enough (at least for my tastes). Will try to find a middle ground somewhere between those and the original settings I posted. I think the potential is there for this game to feel good, I've just got to keep digging! Thanks for your input as always, Alessandro!

  • try steering centre force - off

    much more natural wheel movement

  • That value only works after pressing the car's reset button after going off the road. You shouldn't hear it while driving, it will be a bug.

  • I had the same issue with your original settings on tarmac, but thanks for the suggestion, got me racing quick! 😁

    Despite knowing my wheel settings aren't quite perfect yet and there is stuttering (which I believe they'll be fixing soon with patch for shader compilation)... absolutely loving the game. Great fun and it has really clicked where Dirt Rally 1 / 2.0 didn't for some reason.

    I've just spotted these settings to try as well. They are actually very close to your original suggestion so I think along the right lines.

  • So I've tried them and I'm quite liking them so far. Felt much better on tarmac.

    For clarity here's what I have gone with (on CSL DD 8nm). Note my Fanalab settings are different - I tend to prefer not adding any filtering or much additional damping.

    SEN 900 (BMW / P1V2 Rim - got McLaren V2 as well but swapped to round rim for rally)

    FF 100


    DPR 15




    FEI 100

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    In-game settings:

    Self-Aligning Torque 65

    Wheel Friction 20

    Tyre Friction 25

    Suspension 90

    Tyre Slip 85

    Engine 100

    Collision 60

    Soft Lock 100

    Steering Centre Force ON

    Steering Centre Force Scale 100

  • Ok, I've tried quite a few cars ranging from the H2 Mini all the way up to the Toyota GR Yaris in time trials on both gravel and tarmac (no snow testing though). These are the settings I've landed on, which I feel give me the best compromise between feel on both surfaces. I tried to go with something that gives me a nice feeling of detail without being too noisy or harsh, which loads up nicely on tarmac but doesn't feel overly heavy. Of note is my steering rotation setting: being that I'm using the McLaren wheel, I've decided to go with 480 degrees of rotation. This may not be "realistic", but I find it necessary to be able to get the car quickly rotated. 360 felt a bit too twitchy, so this is a nice compromise. If I had a round wheel to switch to, I would be inclined to use SEN=Auto as it appears that the game will set the proper steering lock per car given you calibrate the wheel and have soft lock enabled.

    PC / CSL DD 8Nm / McLaren GT3 v2 wheel:

    SEN 480

    FFB 100





    INT 1

    FEI 80

    FOR 100


    DPR 100

    In-game settings:

    Self Aligning Torque - 62

    Wheel Friction - 38

    Tyre Friction - 18

    Suspension - 100

    Tyre Slip - 95

    Engine - 100

    Collision - 50

    Soft Lock - 65

    Steering Centre Force - ON

    Steering Centre Force Scale - 40

  • The secret seems to be finding the balance between Self Aligning Torque and Tire Friction.

    You have to raise one and lower the other to get the right overall strength.

    It always feels a little wrong no matter what I do.

    By lowering the first value and raising Tire you will have a steering wheel that does not return to position, which is a problem especially when using a round steering wheel, which must be left to slide between your hands.

    While lowering Tire and raising Self Aligning everything becomes a bit smooth especially on gravel and you lose a lot of information on tire grip, especially understeer. Whatever he does feels wrong. At the moment I'm on 55 and 40, but the gravel is still too smooth. I would like to have a lot of hustle and bustle, like in DR2.0. However, on asphalt I feel small roughness in low resolution that really shouldn't be there.

    Tire Slip helps, but it's a fake effect. It makes the steering wheel vibrate when the tires slip, which doesn't happen in reality. But if you don't overdo it you almost feel a natural effect, as if the tires bounce a little on the road as they slide, so it feels right to use it. I'm currently on 85 and it feels quite natural to feel the steering wheel vibrate when you slide.

    Wheel is the equivalent of NFR of the steering wheel is a friction due to the steering mechanism. I'm on 20, I recommend adjusting it in Monte Carlo on the ice. The steering wheel should convey the lack of grip of the wheels, but not be completely empty.

    Suspensions returns load transfers. This should not be lowered, around 100 is fine, at the moment I am on 90. This seems to me to be the value that makes the FFB better than DR2.0, I would just like to feel the gravel under the wheels a little more, but the weight the car feels good.

    All other values ​​have no real influence on driving.

    If you have 8Nm, I recommend not using Steering Center Force Scale above 50. It's just a torque that straightens the steering wheel as soon as you press the car's reset button after going off the road. It's really very abrupt. You can test this by stopping the car, turning the steering wheel and then pressing the reset button. It will immediately snap into the center position.

  • I do agree with you, Alessandro. I'm not 100% happy with my settings - sometimes I feel that I've got them pretty well dialed in, but then I'll change stage locations and tarmac will feel too noisy, or on gravel my wheel will feel too light around center. So I suspect feeling may vary depending on the stage (even among the same surface type), but I'm not sure if that's what's actually happening or if it's just in my head.

    I've also found that the feeling can vary quite a bit between cars, so it's worth trying different ones to see if you can find settings that will be a good compromise across the board. For example, the H1 Mini feels rather raw and harsh, but the same settings on the McRae R4 or the Group A Delta feel quite nice to me. I may wind up tweaking my above settings further as I go, but for now, I just want to get on with playing. :)

  • Guys, just use whatever settings you had in Dirt rally 2. If you want here min are and it works great:

  • attrito ruota 55

    attrito pneumatici 45

    coppia autoallineante 62

    cosi mi sto trovando molto bene sia asfalto che sterrato

    fatemi sapere

  • This isn't particularly helpful without knowing which base/wheel combination you're using, along with their accompanying settings, such as SEN, FF, NDP, etc.

  • a breve mettero foto delle impostazioni

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  • secondo voi e' meglio abbassare il ffb (che e' impostato a 100) in modo tale da avere piu' dettaglio?

    credo che come ho letto in un altra discussione il problema del clic o clip che fa il volante sia dato oltre che al qr1 (che nel mio caso dopo ogni ps si svita un po) anche dal fatto che il volante sia al limite impostato di ffb e quindi ad un certo punto perda dettaglio...

    sapete rispondermi?

  • preso qr2 e il problema del clic e' sparito

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