RMA 61856F

Hello. I sent my damaged csl dd in for repair but it could not be repaired. The service department offered to sell me one at a discounted rate but have not returned my emails since Monday. I’d like to purchase a discounted unit but no one has responded. This is the third week since I created my support ticket. I purchased the base last June.

fanatec support, please respond to my emails RMA 61856F

Thanks, Mike


  • What issue were you having? My CSL DD keeps disconnecting mid game. It's been a nightmare working with customer support. It's been 1.5 weeks and they're still insisting on basic troubleshooting steps, all of which I stated I tried in my initial ticket.

  • Mine fell off my desk and isn’t repairable. Your experience so for sounds similar to mine. The first week they ask you for pics and update driver. Second week I sent it in. Now this week they offered to sell me one at a discount but haven’t responded.

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