CSL DD 8NM Disconnect, Burning smell, Orange light when power up, Overheat protection mode (?)

I've been waiting a week for service to respond, So I figure I'd ask here.

When plugged into Xbox, the base heats up quickly and powers off with a plastic smell, the heat is concentrated near the Data USB-C, but quickly spreads to the whole back of the housing. No settings have been changed on the wheel or Forza, I had the wheel plugged in for a total of 1 hr that was broken into 20 minute stints throughout the day. It is the first day i've used it. I only had it for 1 day before and had set it up for the first time the night before.

When I let it cool down and turn it back on, the startup light is orange instead of red, Then it fades to red. Any ideas how to fix, or get service to respond. I've been DQ'd from my typical championships but would at least like to get back to practicing.

I'm running all the current software.


  • This is a very common problem on some lots. You can't fix it yourself, unfortunately you will have to wait for Fanatec customer service to respond to you and send you the labels for an RMA.

  • sure you can fix self, but without any electronics skills i would not recommend todo this

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