DD2 + Porsche Wheel Firmware issues

So.. I sent my DD2 to be repaired and they sent me a new one. Which is great expect now I have a Firmware issue and I can't seem to fix it. So the main firmware is 3.0.1 and the motor is 29.x.x. There is a helpful pdf from Fanatec that says to revert my 451 driver back to 336 and then flash and then.. The problem is when I do that I get a message that my wheel is unsupported so I can't do anything to check the firmware versions since the wheel buttons don't work. If I update the driver back to 451 and flash the firmware I end up back where I started. So I'm just going in circles. Need a way to flash the motor firmware to a newer 3.x.x version so I can get this back up and running. No I don't have another wheel or anyone around me with one. Seems like they should have a utility to just flash the motor firmware.




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