Firmware Update gone wrong DD1 + QR2 + Univ. Hub V2 Xbox

Hi guys,

maybe someone can help me as I am totally lost and after 6 HOURS!!! today i would like to burn it all down :-)

I got my DD1, QR2 , Elite Pedals and Univ Hub 2.0 XBOX

I wanted to do a firmware update as recommended but - it seems the update went wrong

But the base firmware software told me - succsessfull

The base gets known by windows, then after 1 second its disconnected, then its connected, disconnected etc.. I di d the firmware update in the boot mode (holding power on button 8 seconds)

Base is on , wheel ist not recognized, device fault. The blower is running at 100% as soon as I turn on the base.

Am I right that I should take -

When I put the wheel with the hub on - nothing changes , the CAL display stays black

But i can move from XBOX to PC mode and so on, and step into the menues of the base. this works

so its definitly not a mechanical issue

a complete other personal computer

download a specific firmware and driver (?) which ones?

do the boot mode again and try fo flash it?

Please help me out

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