2 x QR1 for sale (UK based)

Having just upgraded to QR2s, I'll be looking to sell my previous 2 x QR1s.

£40 per QR1. If you're in the UK this will allow you to avoid the import tax when buying from Europe.

Payment via Paypal. I don't have the original screws since the QR1 screws were used for the new QR2s but they're easy enough to source. I may have some spares which I can look for.

DM me if interested.


  • I think you shouldn't use the QR 1 screws with the new QR 2, for what I've read, that could cause damage to the shaft

  • Sorry, I'm referring to the screws that attach the QR1/2 to the wheel. The instructions say to use the same ones and plus you don't get any newer ones for this in the box. I think they may actually be screws that came with the wheel.

  • Hi I want to buy Fanatec QR1. Send me and email: [email protected] I am from Spain (EU).

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