I pay by PayPal but I don’t see on Fanatec website

Hello sorry for my bad english

i’m French and I made an order for :

a podium + gt2

a v3 pedaler

and a clubsport shifter

with a payment by paypal that was cash but nothing appears on the fanatec website can you please inquire? thanks in advance


  • Are you sure you made the payment?

    Is the money out of your account?

    Because, if there's nothing in your Fanatec account in orders, then you didn't buy anything, when you make a purchase in the Fanatec website, the order appears instantaneously in your account

  • Yes, my account has been debited from PayPal and my bank account, but nothing on Fanatec. When the payment was validated on PayPal, an error occurred on Fanatec. I think the time between the two was too long, but I was debited, Fanatec does not answer me. I tried by all possible means, do you know how I can do it?

  • you to may need contact fanatec probably thro paypal self

  • It's been done for 5 days by pay pal by webshop by Facebook by email... no answer,

    I wouldn't want to lose the offer of the moment...

  • I think if you have money, you can buy it again just to make sure you don't lose the discount, then you get the refund for the first purchase you made when you solve it with Fanatec!

    They will give you the money back

  • I have the same problem as you. I bought a Formula V2.5X steering wheel. I paid with Paypal and they deducted the money from my bank account and the order does not appear on the website in orders. I have tried to talk to them by email / Twitter. But I don't have an answer. I don't know what to do either

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