EA WRC 2023 - correct wheel rotation settings


Does anyone know how to set automatic wheel rotation for each car?

I am using CDL DD and when I set Sensitivity to Auto it does not match real life car rotation. For example for new wrc cars it should be 540 and for older cars 720/900 degrees.

On Auto sensitivity it is always 1080 degrees.

On Dirt Rally 2.0 if sensitivity is set to Auto, than wheel rotation is set based on which car you are driving.


  • You have to use soft lock in the game, and any degree of rotation in SEN for example 1080.

    The procedure is simple. Use SEN 1080 on the wheel, then calibrate the wheel in game and use Soft Lock in the game options. In this way you will have the real rotation of the steering wheel, for each car, up to a maximum of 1080 degrees. If the real car had more than 1080 degrees of rotation, it would still be limited to 1080.

    If you want you can use the "saturation" option in the game, to proportionally reduce the degrees of rotation of the steering wheel of all cars and have more direct steering. For example, if you use a saturation of 89, a WRC will have a rotation of 480 degrees instead of 540, while an old car will have a rotation of 960 degrees instead of 1080.

    Furthermore, the graphic rotation of the steering wheel in the game will always follow that of your steering wheel.

  • Hey, thanks for your quick answer.

    So to be clear, I should not set SEN to AUTO on my CDL DD base? I need to set it to 1080 and than to calibrate wheel in game to 1080?

    After this, modern WRC car will have 540 degrees of rotation, correct? An older rally car will have more rotation.

    For soft lock and saturation I understand.

  • Ok, thanks. I will try that.

  • Sorry for writing late, but just to confirm that this is working 100%. Thank you Alessandro!

  • Hi drivers 😃. After a new patch I have problem to put correct settings. Please let me know what kind of settings U have now? Thanks 🙏

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